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lsusb does not show anything7
Using Qt for VNC Server3
SPI with Pengutronix BSP??42
Write data on SPI1
help with java8
Analog input (ADC) 18
wpa_supplicant for WPA wifi34
ttyACM0 and 7" touchscreen LCD9
Image Processing66
Yellow progress bar3
Libxml in arm-linux-gcc tool chain10
NanoPC with Ubuntu 13.10: S70 screen does not work1
Fresh out of the box HOW TOs8
how to run 2 separate programs in MINI2440 terminal3
ftp and sftp6
USB camera mini24404
Regional Settings0
SPI for sensor14
Mini6410 discontinued?0
Installing on to Nanopc-t12
nanopc-t1(upgrade) android install superboot8
How does VNC viewer work on Mini24400
rootfs on Tiny4412problem0
broken NAND on whole series of mini2440 ?4
WinCE Fonts0
Windows Fonts0
Extending 4.3" LCD cable1
SDFlaher on Linux0
TFTP not working in U-Boot prompt in SMDK24165
No O/P from mini2440 in NOR flash mode2
mini2440 revive1
tslib for Smart2100
root password for linux in mini64103
Getting Junk character in minicom1
Transferring Files with DNW0
problem with superboot booting process1
Mini210 BSP Does not boot0
Mini2440 P350
DEvice Driver Development2
How to replace a 3.5" LCD by a 7" on Mini2440?18
SSH does not work on Tiny44120
Access Nand flash using uboot while in NOR boot mode0
Checksum error loading winCE image1
arm-linux-gcc command does not run9
SDRAM, SRAM, SROM, memory area doubts in mini24400
check NAND for bad blocks0
Boot fail after registry tweak.0
Demo robot tracking line with openCV on Micro24400
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