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Interrupt on GPIO-Pin in Qt3
adc in android0
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Build Qt5 on Mini210s0
Mjpeg Streaming with mini64100
Kernel souce for ubuntu 13080
usb ??0
How to update RTC time in mini244021
the New NanoPC-T1 is available.10
mjpeg stream error with pre combiled bin file5
micro2440 adc & rs2321
PWM Buzzer0
QT installing and TSLIB problem9
install ARM-Linux GCC14
problem with arm-linux-gcc 4.3.227
Mini2451 DVD4
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Windows 80
Win CE 6.0 with English and Chinese fonts0
Making call and sending SMS with No OS0
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Language setting0
xPC Target kernel0
Superboot2440 does not start WinCE.21
White Screen4
LCD P353
Barebox bootloader34
Unable to find target when I connect LPC2148 to my laptop1
How to write a device driver leds in friendlyARM??0
Mini2440 board issue.3
Driver Power Button on Tiny210V20
ifup: don't seem to have all the variables for eth0/inet8
Tiny210 need support6
libftdi on em24405
mini2440 boot problem7
u-boot for NanoPC-T10
Change serial port for system in Linux-CommandLine1
usb download driver-64 bit driver32
Capacitive touch in WinCE21
supervivi Bootloader upgrade4
Mini210S WINCE6 Win7 64b USB24
mini2440 Tft issue0
210s: S70 touch doesn't work4
Error while making u-boot_nand.bin for mini64105
kernel panic while mounting rootfs6
Ethernet on Tiny44120
Hardware Mini2440 Power Broken1
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