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Board Not ON7
Pengutronix installation and setup13
pengutronix bsp installation mini244020
mini2440 pwm pin's rising edge detect0
Gpio IO pin Frequency not stable2
mini2440 serial port data not received13
Using Qt for VNC Server6
NanoPC-T1 not detecting USB flash Drive1
Mini2440: Free Board Support Package released81
FlyAudio E7525NAVI0
problem with ubuntu1
No space left on device7
WinCE boot problem in Mini24401
installing opencv2
Solved: Mini6410 boot and run Linux from SD card11
Beginning with FriendlyARM9 24401
configuring network (DHCP)6
Kernel update1
Resolution change on HDMI output3
changing Kernel while keeping current Rootfs2
Guide to compile the kernel for mini24406
u-boot issues8
U-Boot for Tiny44121
mini2440: superboot hangs on NOR6
Error 10 : Driver Issue - Win7 32 bits1
reset reg win mini24404
No Touch Response In WinCE64
mini2440 1Gig kernel Panic18
With screen transformation Qt application color change problem0
Rotate Screen, Font Too Small21
Superboot2440 does not start WinCE.28
WinCe 5.0 + P35 screen1
Not able to get log messages from serial port on Mini641012
Superboot unsupported machine ID0
Nano PC T1 Android and Linux Problema0
RS232 to RS4853
Touchscreen Tiny210 misaligned in Android1
how to turn job control on?19
i2c resource busy1
Erase Block size in Jffs2 image2
Instal WinCE to Superboot v118
how to write the spi driver in mini2440 for 4 devices9
ethernet connection not working with android1
GPIO under NanoPC-T12
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