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[ask]i2c + Qt14
mini2440 wince installation problem. Help please36
Serial Get data from serial 30
Qt 4.7.0 GUI Application Steps0
Using ADC of Mini2440 in Linux1
problem in 44120
Qt5 on Tiny4412?0
Baremetal OS and Microcontroller development kit.3
min2440 bootloader installing problem3
NanoPC-T1 5 inch touch lcd0
TINY210V2, touch screen does not work7
Friendly arm tiny 4412 board touch LCD not working on Ubuntu2
supervivi Bootloader upgrade12
problem with touch screen in winCE4
Unable to boot from SD card reader mini 2100
qt creator;mini2440;GUI39
nanopc t1 downloads1
Where Can I Download Minitools for windows?1
My Nanopc-t1 can't play 720p vids smoothly let alone 1080p1
How to install Android on NanoPC-t113
mini2440 I2C11
there is no Qt libarary file in /usr/local/7
Photo Frame software for Mini 2440 (GPL)9
mini210s 5.0"LCD dimension0
mini2440 cannot ping to other IP address6
Touch Screen Event on tiny24511
A Search for indians51
WINCE6.0 256MB Flash Image37
for 6410 gui34
problem with new LCD versions0
nanopc HD101 10.1" display not working with ubuntu0
VxWorks for FriendlyARM9
SD flasher Linux in OSX0
Compiling x86-Qtopia6
Build library Phonon for linux and KIT ARM .0
Mini2440 WinCE 5.0 - Network connection lost after some time0
mini6410 boot issue0
-sh: ./hello: not found10
Availability of Mini24510
How to cross-compile form win7 to mini2440 Qt ??3
nanopc-t1(upgrade) android install superboot14
Enabling SPI in mini244037
touchscreen problem on mini641010
help on programing on tiny64100
s3c2451 registers to configure HSSPI(SPI Channel 0)?3
how to turn job control on?20
Problem occur when installing cross compiler in fedora4
Access bootloader on Tiny210V20
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