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mini2440: superboot hangs on NOR5
i2c resource busy1
Erase Block size in Jffs2 image2
Instal WinCE to Superboot v118
RS232 to RS4851
how to write the spi driver in mini2440 for 4 devices9
ethernet connection not working with android1
GPIO under NanoPC-T12
Bootloading sequence doubt0
Doubt in creating device entries, adding MTD support in kernel.0
Android 4 development on Smart2100
how to run 2 separate programs in MINI2440 terminal4
reset reg win mini24401
nanopc-t1(upgrade) android install superboot9
mini2440 ethernet issue3
Nano PC Re-Sale @ India0
mini 6410 usb driver for win 7 64 bit5
Root Password Forgotten4
Root Password Forgotten -Cntd0
Ethernet not working in U-boot13
CC3000 host drivers on tiny64101
compile english wince for smart 2100
No Audio Driver0
saveenv not working1
source code of cmos-camera qtopia application6
mini210 linux camera CAM130 problems1
installing opencv1
SPI sending data20
Error 10 : Driver Issue - Win7 32 bits0
Install ucos2 to S3C2440 ARM912
booting problem superboot6
Baseband Processor , Application Processor and Modem IP - How ar0
ADB usb driver for TINY4412 needed4
3g connection problem0
Mini2440 P352
quien habla espaņol?5
Do you need help? Ask me!!!18
Kernel compilation1
How to create kernel module for mini24407
Could not find file oal.exe0
wpa_supplicant for WPA wifi35
nboot issue in superboot for s3c6100
lsusb does not show anything12
nanoPC-T1, Ubuntu and S700
Using Qt for VNC Server3
SPI with Pengutronix BSP??42
Analog input (ADC) 18
ttyACM0 and 7" touchscreen LCD9
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