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Have a problem with Pengutronix BSP21
Ethernet on mini24405
TD35 Display2
LCD P3541
Need 1-wire touchscreen driver (Mini2440 ,WinCE 6 ,LCD 8")0
Tiny4412 4G eMMC problem4
new 2440 nightmare!5
Suspend / Resume2
Mini2440 256M problem0
Superboot2440 does not start WinCE.29
Why don't discuss about OK64109
configuring network (DHCP)7
OSELAS.BSP-Pengutronix: pixman.prepare on enable xorg2
Unable to play test.wav via /dev/dsp1
How to set mixer/data path for UDA134x Codec0
mini6410 and cam130 camera2
Android 4.0.3 on mini210s ts_config: No such device0
Mini210s images => Installing yaffs2-image failed1
8GB eMMC mount error on boot - NanoPC0
QT Error: The tslib functionality test failed!10
Windows Embedded compact 7.16
Beginning with FriendlyARM9 244014
Root-NFS: Unable to get mountd port number from server, using de13
Mini2440: Free Board Support Package released83
FriendlyARM YS1105 1404 for Android0
USB to JTAG for Mini24401
Could not flash with Jtag using Usb to DB25 pin connector9
JTAG parallel and usb5
Tiny 210 Touch Issue0
Interfacing GPS with mini24408
Using Qt for VNC Server11
Solved: Mini6410 boot and run Linux from SD card13
which type of usb camera support to mini24401
Installing Android on NanoPC1
Problems QTopia 2.2.0 - Designer Tool is transparent!3
Mounting NFS root file system fails on Mini24510
board not start when gpio connect with buffre 74HC5411
Webcam under linux10
BSPs difference10
mini2440 pwm0
Unable to claim usb interface 1 of device: could not claim inter4
I need NK.BIN for Smart2100
Could not find file oal.exe3
Problem on Windows CE LCD0
mini2440 pwm request_irq0
mini2451 with analog touchscreen??0
WinCE6 Superboot resolution?1
Pengutronix installation and setup14
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