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Ubuntu linux for 4412 - is it real?6
can't see anything on my lcd(S70) in tiny4412 when use ubuntu1
Enabling SPI in mini244015
How to write SPI driver.14
Compile kernel10
CE Boot time0
GPIO programming for Mini24401
qt creator;mini2440;GUI19
mini2440 I2C10
GPIO under NanoPC-T13
Unable to talk to Mini2440 via DNW14
Can't find newer images0
Friendly arm tiny 4412 board touch LCD not working on Ubuntu0
Can't access USB devices. Do I need root for it?0
Set SDRAM refresh rate on Tiny44120
need explaination on adc example.19
barebox: CFI cfi_qry structure unaligned access causing data abo2
Mini6410 error MSsqlCE2
How to mount my own image based on Linux for Tiny4412 Exynos0
Tiny4412 4G eMMC problem12
mjpg-streamer on mini2440, using embedded camera89
EM2440-Touch panel is not working,please help!.5
SDL/Directfb for smart2100
TFTP to the mini244050
Serial Port Console ttySAC012
mini2440 wince installation problem. Help please16
set IP occures this error : \ets\pcmcia\network.opts no exist1
One wire touchscreen on mini24403
Touch not working when running my app and ts_calibrate error7
Ethernet not working in U-boot14
kernel compilation error1
Facing issue in compiling tslib9
ts_config() problem23
How to install Android on NanoPC-t110
Facing issue in cross compiling Qt11
Usb:Ok Problem2
restrict user access / ACL3
Downloading WINCE?11
Run executable on MINI2440 with NO OS1
How to get rid of the NANDFlash folder/drive in Win Explorer?2
Working USB setup.exe9
Help me build glib2.0 library (I'm use glib-2.36.3) for ARM !10
The source code package of Android5.0.2 has released0
Linux on Tiny4412: How to start?1
Tiny4412 and tslib problem10
FriendlyARM Sucks4
How to start with mini 244062
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