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Cross compiled MySql syntax error0
qt app not running properly from rcS1
solved .. tiny 6410 how to use touch4
pengutronix bsp4
usb download driver-64 bit driver34
programming on s3c2440Al - 409
Read and display the data from ethernet/serial port in mini24402
Pengutronix installation and setup12
qtopia on mini244028
Wrong Linux kernel34
Unable to call I2c probe fun3
One wire ts conflict with GPIO access problem7
heatsink for nano-pc t1?0
Boot Ubuntu from SD Card?0
NanoPC and Ubuntu 14.041
NANO PC digital IO hardware library (.so) for Android0
nanopc-t1(upgrade) android install superboot4
Unable to Access Internet on mini24403
Nano PC Linux+Qt ROM1
LCD P3533
nanoPC-T1 no HDMI output possible11
Superboot2440 does not start WinCE.26
PTXDist Mini2440 one wire TS patch0
perf utility on the altera clclone V socfpga board1
How to run ts_calibrate ?12
mini2440 - boot 3.16 kernel2
ts_config() problem22
One wire touchscreen on mini24402
Failed to install linux from SD CARD0
mjpg-streamer 2 USB Web Cam17
USART GPS Mini441218
How to config H43 resistive touch for nanopc-t19
Unable to open /root/.bashrc file10
Install UART GPS module on Android2
modifying GPIO drivers 'leds' and 'buttons'34
Ethernet not working in U-boot12
Do you need help? Ask me!!!12
ASK Edit file0
Poor performance on network card on NanoPC7
Increase size of RAM 256 > 512MB WinCE60
Tiny 210 - Pen drive is not mounting - USB drive issue - Help !!1
Is it possible to install ArchLinux in a NanoPC1
Mini2440 kernel copile problem2
Qt app touchscreen not working2
Alternative download link for ubuntu_nanopc_t1_sd_8g.img ?7
SD CARD interfacing14
Opencv Face Recognisation0
Interfacing ethernet and serial port examples in linux7
Black screen after not write upgrade Android 4.0.3 car dvd hices0
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