nanopi neo air - eflasher no image files found

Mortaza Asaadi
I followed instructions on:
but when I run eflasher the only thing that it shows is the following:

Welcome to NanoPi-Air
  No image files found on SD card or USB Disk, you can:
  1) Visit the product page on and locate the link to
the cloud storage of your needed image files.
  2) Visit the cloud storage and locate the "images-for-eflasher" directory
and download the image files(usually a tar ball or a zip ball) you need.
  3) Create a new directory in your SD card or USB disk,  and uncompress
the image files you downloaded to this directory.

Mortaza Asaadi
if I type " -d /mnt/sdcard/ubuntu-core-qte/" I get the
following output:

root@FriendlyARM:~# -d /mnt/sdcard/ubuntu-core-qte/
INFO: ==> Executing: 'sd_update -d /dev/mmcblk1 -p partmap.txt'
cannot access file (/dev/mmcblk1).
fail device open /dev/mmcblk1 ...
usage: options
-d device  node default : none 
-p partmap file default : ./partmap.txt 
-i images path : default path is "partmap.txt" directory 
-r raw image file 
-s show device partitioin 
-h print this help text

usage: partmap.txt
flash= <device>.<dev no>:<partition>:<fstype>:<start>,<length>:<file name>;
device    : disk device name, not use 
dev no    : disk device number, not use 
partition : partition name, not use 
fstype    : file system type, MBR = raw, fat, ext4
start     : disk partition start address (hex) 
length    : disk partition length (hex) 
file name : write file name to partition

so there is no /dev/mmcblk1 !!!

root@FriendlyARM:~# lsblk
mmcblk0     179:0    0  7.4G  0 disk 
|-mmcblk0p1 179:1    0   40M  0 part 
|-mmcblk0p2 179:2    0  1.5G  0 part /
`-mmcblk0p3 179:3    0  5.9G  0 part /mnt/sdcard