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Mini6410 update(2011-3-25)4
Mini6410 connect to 3G video demo1
Mini6410 update(2010-08-04)15
Mini6410 run qtopia2, qtopia4, qte-4.7.0 in one fs1
Mini6410 play H.264 video on linux1
Mini6410 play H.2643
Mini2440: Free Board Support Package released109
Nano-pi neo air analog audio output1
Mini2440 update(2010-08-18)15
Mini6410 update(2010-11-21)18
1602 i2c2
Nano fire 2 uart transmit error1
LCD 1602 i2c0
The source code package of Android5.0.2 has released2
Find the way !1
NanoPC-T1 - Samsung Exynos4412 ARM Cortex-A9 (Quad-Core)9
Can't find the c code of driver for automatically LED service...1
Login GUI with root user Debian Nanopi fire 22
How to install usbpush ?0
nano does not connect on the internet.17
FriendlyARM Releases USB Camera for NanoPi2 on Nov 27, 20150
FriendlyARM Releases NanoPi2, A Cortex A9 Quad Core ARM Board7
Kernel Crash0
Technical support email1
Android 5.0.2 Released2
the New NanoPC-T1 is available.11
Mini6410 update(2011-10-22)10
Mini6410: Free Board Support Package released28
Superboot-6410 update, support more SD card2
Mini210s is available - 4GB Flash, 512MB RAM, 4.3" LCD6
Tiny210 running Android 4.0.38
Mini6410 update(2010-09-24)22
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