FriendlyARM Releases NanoPi2, A Cortex A9 Quad Core ARM Board

The NanoPi2 quad core Cortex A9 Linux single board computer has been
released as a high performance companion to FriendlyARM Computer Companyís
NanoPi board. NanoPi2 features a Samsung S5P4418 Quad Core A9 processor at
1.4GHz. The NanoPI2 includes 1GB of 32bit wide DDR3 RAM, loads of video
modes and display interfaces, and two MicroSD slots. The on-board AP6212
Wireless and Bluetooth chip provides 802.11 b/g/n, AP mode, BLE 4.0 and HS
mode. This is a complete open source project with open source boot-loader,
kernel, and file systems. New Wiki and Git Repositories with plenty of
tutorials fill out the support system. NanoPi2 sells for only $32 US and
has a 40 pin header compatible with Raspberry Pi and NanoPi, and the Matrix
family if sensors and drivers. 

NanoPi2 Features:
SoC: Samsung S5P4418 Quad Core Cortex-A9, 1.4G Hz
RAM: 1GB 32bit DDR3
Storage: 2 x Micro SD Slot
Connectivity: AP6212 WiFi/Bluetooth, 802.11 b/g/n, AP mode, BLE 4.0, HS
HDMI: 1 x HDMI 1.4A, Type-A
LCD: 0.5 mm pitch SMT FPC seat, full-color LCD (RGB: 8-8-8)
Camera: 0.5mm spacing 24 pin DVP interface
GPIO: 40 pin GPIO pin header, compatible with Raspberry Piís GPIO pin
Debug Serial Port/UART0: 2.5 mm spacing 4pin interface
USB: Micro USB 2.0 host Type-A; for data transmission and power input
OS: Android or Debian
PCB: Six-layer
Dimension: 75 x 40 mm
Weight: 22 g


The NanoPi2ís fast processor makes quick work of booting Linux and Android
from a TF card. The Raspberry Pi compatible GPIO 40 pin header makes it
compatible with both Raspberry Pi external GPIO modules and Arduino shield
boards. The two MicroSD slots support two external TF or MicoSD cards. One
for the OS and the other for user application data. There is a header for
an RTC battery. The video and display interfaces include a high def DVP
camera interface, an HDMI interface and an LCD interface which works with
various popular display devices. The NanoPi2 on-board AP6212 Wireless and
Bluetooth chip supports 802.11 b/g/n, AP mode, BLE 4.0 and HS mode. The
MicroUSB connector is seen by a Linux host as an Ethernet Gadget. One UART
is brought out to a serial header and provides a serial terminal. On the
NanoPi2 Wiki, FriendlyARM open sources the schematics, PCB, boot-loader,
kernel and file systems, and provides plenty of tutorials and code samples.

Wiki site:
NanoPi site:
Home site:

North and South American Sales from ARMWorks, LLC

The ARMWorks Git repository has work on alternate boot code, automated
generation of the uSD with OS, automated Debian builds (DIBS Debian Image
Build System) and other tools by the ARMWorks International Development
Team for NanoPi and NanoPi2.

Sorry, we didn't release the PCB file. Sorry for that misleading

> Sorry, we didn't release the PCB file.

Does "didn't" mean we forgot to release it or you will not be releasing it?
 If you are not gong to release it I suggest you change the webpage you
linked to.

Could you link to a site where you can buy these units, ie the NanoPi and

Looks like a nice unit.

Another suggestion try to get one or more knowledgeable engineers to answer
questions about using these units on the forum.  You will generate a lot
more interest and hopefully sales if you improve your support efforts.


Are there plans to release Android for this board? Is JTAG connector

n the Downloads section, none of the links except the datasheets are

NanoPi password is not working (fa) with firmware, Please suggest
any password.

Hi thank you very much for your interest in this Pi2.
Sorry we don't plan to release its PCB. We made changes to the statement on
our website: and

If you want to buy it please email at Sorry our
current online shopping is still under construction.

Yes there is an Android image ready. Please check out
for more details.

If you have tech issues please email us at

For  this link you don't
need a pwd. After you click on the link you can see the whole file content

As per a recent posting seems we can now order this device
and have it delivered via China Post ... at a much cheaper rate.

Does this also apply to other FriendlyArm product?

Hi Davef,

Yes you are correct. We can deliver products via CHINA POST, however I
should remind you that it might take CHINA POST up to one month to ship.