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CAN bus and SPI overlays1
Installation of Qtopia 2.2.0 to mini24407
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Unlocking NAND9
NanoPI Neo Air1
Porting RaspberryPi ws2812 driver into NanoPi-M35
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Any way I can stream 640x480 video very smoothly?1
build usbtv in NanopPi20
prolem Nano pi m12
static ip is not working properly7
New arm-linux-gcc for download (GCC 4.6.4, 4.7.3 & 4.8.0)14
arm-linux-gcc command not found23
hardware accelerated h.264 playback on s5p4418 (nanopi 2)0
hardware accelerated h.264 playback on s5pv210s / linux?2
Wifi + Bluetooth on NanoPi Neo Air with Mainline Kernel0
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HDMI -> out of range2
NanoPi 2 Fire2
Audio on Nanopi Neo0
NanoPi A64. The problem with libc-bin, after upg. to ubuntu16.040
problem with arm-linux-gcc 4.3.230
P43 touchscreen driver for Linux on mini64101
Error compiling Qt app13
NanoPi NEO v1.2 analogue audio0
Nano pi 2 fire1
VLC on NanoPi-M31
qt software updates1
Linux 3.18 or higher1
Customize mini2440 qtopia image18
problem in serial port reading after send AT to gsm modem9
when youtube , appear2
need explaination on adc example.32
How to rotate screen?1
Matrix - Pressure and Temperature Sensor1
NanoPi NEO: run process in one core ecxlusively?0
nanopi SPI driver1
Can't open ttyacm01
Arch Linux ARM on NanoPi3
QT license2
mini2440, ptxdist, Qt cross-compil0
How can I display logo 1602 text lcd on boot time0
Error running command arm-linux-gcc1
mini2440 pyxdist acl download problem14
Nano Pi2 Fire HDMI Audio2
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