transferring file to mini2440 through USB

Hi guys

I have a mini2440 board and I have cross compiled a hello world program
designed in qt-embedded.

Now I want to transfer this program file to the mini2440 and want to
execute it on the development board.

I want it to transfer through the USB cable , but I don't know how to
transfer it with the USB cable.

So please any of you who have transferred the file with the USB cable to
the board please telll me how to do this job.


Hi Piyush

You have use minicom to transfer the program

In the page 38 of MINI2440_LINUX_MANUAL.pdf states:

There are four usual ways to download a compiled executable to a target
1) copy it to a storage media (USB drive)
2) download via FTP
3) download via a serial port
4) run via NFS

For the first way: we could only use USB slave on mini2440 for WIN XP, WIN
CE, not for LINUX because there is no suitable driver's usb for LINUX. (We
can know that at the page 236 of MINI2440_USER_MANUAL.pdf)
The remain ways, i did not try yet. However, transferring file by NFS is an
easy way.

Good bye, hope that information helps you a bit.

Hi again.
I did try with the second way, using FTP. It is very easy to transfer. You
should follow the steps at the page 39 of file MINI2440_LINUX_MANUAL.pdf
(this pdf file is in "manual" directory of CD which is shipped with the
mini2440 board)

you can copy your program to a usb flash,then attached it to your board.
the usb disk automatically mount as /udisk

Good Luck

that's right, Arash. Actually, i use SD-Card or USB Flash to copy pogram
instead of FTP

hi i am karthik,
i do my project in friendly arm mini 2440 . i want to create application in
qt creator. which version of qt creator is best for linux (ubunthu),windows
xp...and how to load a application to freindly arm board ,,,,kindly plz
help me

one tar file how to send mini2440 using serail port com1, Lan port not