Download FriendlyARM Technical Documents

We generate fresh technical files every few months, which we make available for download.

This page provides the links to download technical documents in both it's latest release and history releases.

After you go to anyone of the following links you will see directories like: DVD-mmddyy in which "mmddyy" stands for the release's date: month, day and year. All available history releases and latest release will be listed.

Name Direct Comment
Nanopi NEO Air Board DVD Nanopi NEO Air
Nanopi NEO Board DVD Nanopi NEO
NanoPi M1 Board DVD NanoPi M1
6818 Board DVD NanoPC-T3 and NanoPi M3
4418 Board DVD NanoPi2,NanoPi 2 Fire and NanoPi S2
4412 Board DVD Tiny4412 and Super4412
210 Board DVD Mini210S, Tiny210 and Smart210
6410 Board DVD Mini6410 and Tiny6410
2440 Board DVD Mini2440 and Micro2440
2451 Board DVD Mini2451 and Tiny2451
2416 Board DVD Tiny2416