device driver for s70 display for Mini6410

Hi all,
I have Mini6410 board, connected with S70 LCD display. 
I copied all Linux images present in the supported CD to SD card. and
install (copied) on NAND. I get UI and I can handle all the application.  

Then I copied kernel (linux-2.6.38-20120904) source code from CD to my
desktop and followed the compilation steps. It get compiled successfully. 
But when I try to boot board from this new kernel image, every things goes
well, the system boots properly. I can ping my FriendlyARM board. But the
LCD display is not work properly. I can't seen my UI, I can seen only
vertical bars on LCD display.

Please tell how to debug this problem. 

Thanks in advance.

The problem got resolve. 

The problem was in the configuration file. 

I was using default configuration file, present in the source code
(config_linux_mini6410), by default this file configures the Frame Buffer
driver Mini6410 (CONFIG_FB_S3C_EXT_MINI6410). 
But in my case I am using S70 so proper configuration is

hii plz provide device driver for s70 resistive touch lcd.

hii plz provide the device driver for s70 resistive touch lcd.

I would suggest asking on the new forum.


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