Maximize ram availability on NanoPi M3

I wanted to know if there was a way to configure my NanoPi M3 to have as
much of the 1GB RAM available.  I'm running a program that requires 128MB
of ram per thread.  So far I'm only able to utilize 5 of the cores.  I
would like to be able to use 7 cores if possible (should leave enough ram
for OS usage).  I've setup my M3 to run headless already and I login via

This is what is shown when running the "top" command from an ssh session to
my M3:
      KiB Mem:    872256 total,

I have 4x M3's total and would love to have any suggestions or help.  I
also have 4x NanoPi power supplies connected and some NanoPi Neo's on
order.  I am having lots of fun with the devices so far!

Attachment: IMG_1975.JPG (2.07 MB)
Temporary setup shown.