hardware accelerated h.264 playback on s5pv210s / linux?

Folkert Saathoff
hello board,

i'm trying to get h.264 1080p video play smoothly on the Mini210s board,
currently running the Ubuntu rootfs and using the crosscompiler from
ftp.friendlyarm.net. i've built both ffmpeg and libva from their respective
git sources after installing the libva1 libva-x11-1 and libva-dev packages
via apt-get.

but, ffplay/avplay run at about 2 fps at most, while using about 90% of cpu
time (userspace). according to the s5pv210 datasheet, the MFC should be
able to decode 1080p at 30 fps, so it seems that i'm missing something....

so i'd like to know:

* is the MFC of the s5pv210 part of the onboard PowerVR SGX540?
* what backend (driver) do i need for the MFC? is it the Intel GMA500 one?
* and if so, where would i get a kernel module for that? ie should there a
binary arm module available from the OEM? or is there a usable open source

this is all rather confusing stuff, so please feel free to tell me where
i'm wrong :D


Need drivers then. But not available yet. Look here

Is any driver for s5p4418 (nanopi 2) available now?
I tryed to build ffmpeg with vaapi or other hardware encoder not not
working, is any way i can do it?