Building mkyaffs2image tool from source

Dear Friends

I want to know the procedure of building the mkyaffs2image and
mkyaffs2image-128 from the source files of the mkyaffs.

Also I am unable to find the mkyaffs source codes on the internet.

So can you please help me out.

Hi guys,

Is there nobody who know the technique of building the mkyaffs2image binary
or executable for mini2440 right from scratch.

Can I assume you have Googled , mkyaffs2image source code> ?   I see a link
to Doug Abbot's book and the link seems to suggest he describes where the
source code is.  It is taking too long to download here in my very limited
bandwidth internet connection.

It has been 5 or more years since I cross-compiled something for the
mini2440.  It is a painful process.  And for a obsolete device with little
support I hope this is only an educational exercise.

First of all a very warm welcome to you davef, since I last heard from you
on my one of the post 6 years back in 2011.

Now again you replied so I am very happy to see you again :)

and now as per my query , yeah I do googled a lot and I have found the
yaffs site which is this:

But what I dont know my friend is that how can I create two mkyaffs2image
image i.e. one is mkyaffs2image and mkyaffs2image-128M from the single
source code of the yaffs.

It does not mean that I posted to this forum without doing my homework and
I build the mkyaffs2image from the source code but the rootfs which I
created through my image does not booted and showed the kernel panic

Thats why I turned on to this forum in order to seek some help from you
people in hope that some of you might have done this job.

Also I want to say that no matter if the mini2440 is old than tell me the
building process for some other board and I will modify it as per the

So whats you call.....

Hi Piyush,

Firstly, I think I have misunderstood the purpose of mkyaffs2image.  Does
this just run on the host to make a Yaffs root filesystem?  If so, my
"cross-compile" comment is incorrect.

Did Doug Abotts reference help?

Just in case you haven't read this: