How to run Hello application from examples folder ?

Trouble 1:
I have Qtopia 2.2.0 on my mini2440 device. I want to execute Hello
application from examples folder on mini2440. I put the Makefile in /tmp
directory and I tried to execute it with this command: ./Makefile but I
received an error. 

What is wrong ?

Trouble 2:
I installed Kubuntu 9.04 on my host PC and I unarchived
arm-linux-gcc-4.3.2. I created a simple Hello application and I compile it.
Everything was ok, but when I tried to execute it on my mini2440 I received
same error.

What I wrong ?

sameer nalawade
Open the makefile in editor n read it, you will see the actual command used
to cross-compile which is "arm-linux-gcc -o hello hello.c".
        So export the PATH variable to your cross-toolchain and execute the
above command.
        Maybe you should read the complete manual first.



Can you tell me where I find the manual for using arm-linux-gcc ?

I read "Compiling and Running Programs With Linux and Qtopia 2.2.0" but I
don't find anything about cross-toolchain.

Thank you.

sameer nalawade

The manual i have has a section 5.1.2 the establishment of cross-compiler
environment, check this one.

Hope this solves your problem.


i download "Compiling and Running Programs With Linux and Qtopia 2.2.0" on
but inside no any section 5.1.2

i need step by step guid for linux on mini board


sameer nalawade
Hi Niraj,
You need to get the other manual which i guess is in chinese and u need to
translate it or find english version of it.
The manual you have may be 78 page manual which doesn't have much details.
You need to get the other manual, you will find all the steps required for
mini2440 in it.


Could any help me?
I need a examples(step by step) how I can make my own program for mini2440.
I have installed an arm-linux-gcc and it seems to work.  But how I can
transfer my own program to mini2440 card?
I tried to do it by GTKTerm but only what happens it 'Failed downloading
file' error.
So could you somebody tell  how I can make the program and transfer it to
mini2440 card. please?

Here is how I did :

- first connect your board to network, adjust IP parameter ... to be able
to connect to your network (ping software can help to check)
- On the computer use an ftp software to connect to the board (login root,
pass root)
- transfer the file from the computer to the board using ftp
- on the computer, under a terminal type "telnet" (of course
adjust you IP depending on what you choosed for the board)
that allow you to connect to the board from your computer (login root,
password root)
- this way you have a terminal running on the board but displayed on the
computer ;-)
- you will probably also have to use "chmod 777" to be able to execute your

Hope that helps,


Hello guys!

Where I can to get examples folder?