Wifi + Bluetooth on NanoPi Neo Air with Mainline Kernel

I try to run a buildroot based image with current mainline kernel since
everything except the EMAC driver is merged to mainline.

Since the Air doesn't have ethernet this should be fine.

Unfortunatly I can not get Wifi working. It doesn't even show up in lshw

I compiled brcmfmac driver into the kernel and added the ap6212 firmware
from https://github.com/jrspruitt/FriendlyARM_NanoPi_Buildroot_Ext.

It seems that the kernel doesnt recognize the device at all, dbus for
example doesnt load the brcmfmac module automatically.

Is there some wakup gpio magic needed to get this working? I searched the
ubuntu core image for a while but can not find anything.

Please reply if somebody got information. I hope the guys who builded the
ubuntu core image could tell me how they managed it.

If I will succed, I will create a wiki page about the process, I think a
complete mainline based OS would be a big bonus in terms of attractivity ;)

With kind regards,



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