nxp-v4l and camera register access

Franck Hebert
I use the https://github.com/friendlyarm/nexell_platform_s5p6818 code in my
application and i need to access to the OV5640 register (for AF, AWB, etc).

How can i use nxp-v4l to read/write these registers ?
Do i use I2C protocol directly (but i affraid it is in concurency with v4L)

Thanks for your help.

Franck H.

Franck Hebert
OK, after several hours, I found my problem.

When I use nxp-v4l, the actions have no effect. The reason is simple, the
driver 0v5640 that I use, does not contain the code to write in the
registers of the camera. So I will complete them.


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