NanoPC-T1 - Samsung Exynos4412 ARM Cortex-A9 (Quad-Core)

FriendlyARM will released the new MiniPC box, name is NanoPC, very small, very

Samsung Cortex-A9 Quad-core Exynos4412, 1.5GHz
RAM: 1GB DDR3 RAM, 32bit data bus
Flash: 4GB eMMC Flash
HDMI Output
Audio Output in jack
USB OTG: 1 MicroUSB interface
USB Host: 1 USB Host 2.0 interface
Ethernet: 100Mhz Ethernet, RJ45
SD Card slot
DC 5V/2A input

More Details:

Note ARMBest is not supposed to sell outside China and the 2 year warranty
does not apply.

I am from Canada, I have bought the tiny4412 from Armbest,
When I get it, it is very good for the DVD they provided, all is in
English, and I can test the board quickly.

 last year I bought the same board from the others friendlyarm distributor,
the DVD is in Chinese, it is difficult to use it.

So when you buy the board for study, the English manual is important, and
could you tell me where to find the agent info?

We don't want to explain more, only want to tell you the follow details.
1. We give our customer long time warranty, more than two years, whenever
you buy the board from us, if it have some problem, we can repair it or
repalce it anytime, the customer only need to pay the freight fee.
2. I want to Tell you that, why we can put the new product NanoPC on the
website firstly, the others distributor don't put it, because they don't
have it, they may put it on their website next month.
3. we don't put our company info on the FriendlyARM website, because we
want to develop our brand-CoreWind, CoreWind will sales,develop and custom
design base on these board.
The CoreWind company website is , we sales their
board for long time, because the product from FriendlyARM is very good and
have more kind, so we indepent the FriendlyARM product and do the
profession website to sell it, it is, we put all the
english manual for these board.
If you really want us to prove that we are the agent, you can send mail to

PS: As Renee said, we provide all the english manual for these board,
somebody buy DVD from us, because they get the DVD in chinese.

In short, we can provide warranty more than 2 year.

We will make deeper corporation with ARMworks in 2014

Thanks everyone for the contribution of FriendlyARM products.

Http:// (in building)


What FriendlyARM LCDs does it support?.

I cant wait to get mine!! awesome machine!

The NanoPC-T1 is in stock at ARMWorks now. The plastic case being shown in
the the photos on some sites will not be ready for quite some time.
FriendlyARM ( is showing the photos to indicate how it will look.
Others have copied the picture thinking it is available now. But that is
not correct.

I would check or to see what is truly available.

I hope to solve your plastic case problems and start shipping in a few

Enjoy and good luck!!!