the New NanoPC-T1 is available.


the new NanoPC-T1 is available now, for the detail please see

And here the key feature comparing with the old one:

NanoPC-T1            the new                         the old
1. CPU               Exynos4412, @1.5Ghz             Exynos4412, run at
2. RAM               1GB                             1GB
3. eMMC              8GB                             4GB
4. USB HSIC          Yes(USB4604)                    Yes(USB4640)
5. AudioCodec        WM8960                          WM8960
6. Audio Output      Yes                             Yes
7. mic input         Yes                             No
8. Ethernet          DM9621                          DM9621 
9. RJ45              Yes                             Yes
10. microUSB         Yes                             Yes
11. USB Host(Type-A) 2                               2            
12. HDMI 1.4a        Yes                             Yes
13. LCD-41pin        Yes                             Yes
14.RTC battery       Yes                             Yes
15.Infrared Receiver Yes                             No
16.Remote Controler  Yes                             No 
17.GPIO1-34pin       Yes                             Yes
18.GPIO2-16pin       Yes                             Yes
19.SensorIO          6-ch                            2-ch
20.User Button       2                               2
21.User LED          2                               2
22.MIPI Camera port  Yes(Compatible with RPi)        Yes
23.CMOS Camera port  No                              Yes
24.Debug Serial      Uart0                           Uart0
25.Boot Mode         Micro Button                    Switcher
26.Board Size        100x60 mm                       100x60 mm
27.Mounting Hole     6                               4  
28.Board layer       8                               8

GPIO1-34pin including
1.UART               2-ch                            1-ch 
2.I2C                1-ch(I2C0)                      1-ch(I2C0)
3.SPI                1-ch                            1-ch
4.EINTx/GPIO         14-ch                           16-ch
5.Power(In/Out)      5V & 3.3V                       5V & 3.3V

GPIO2-16pin including
1.SDIO               1-ch                            1-ch
2.USB Host           1-ch                            1-ch
3.UART               1-ch(Uart3)                     1-ch(Uart3)
4.EINTx/GPIO         2-ch                            2-ch
5.Power(Out)         5V & 3.3V                       5V & 3.3V

LCD-41pin including
1.RGB                R0-8,G0-8,B0-8                  R0-8,G0-8,B0-8
2.I2C                1-ch(I2C1)                      1-ch(I2C1)
3.EINTx/GPIO         3-ch                            3-ch
4.PWM                1-ch(PWM1)                      1-ch(PWM1)
5.Power(Out)         5V                              5V


Hi, Mindee

Is the logic level of UART/GPIO 1.8[V]?

yes, it's 1.8V for GPIO1/2 & LCD

Hi, Mindee

Is is possible to display through HDMI in Linux not android?

Hi, Wendy

Yes, the Ubuntu support HDMI output perfectly now.

Hi Mindee:

Are they compatible with your LCD's and touchscreen (W35, P35, H43, etc)?.
If so, are there drivers for them.?. The UART and GPIO are 5V tolerant as
your previous boards?.

> The UART and GPIO are 5V tolerant as your previous boards?.

I do not want to hi-jack this thread, but which boards are you referring

Mini2440. I have connected to the UART 5V modules for some years. To tell
the truth I have not done the same with the GPIO.

There have been some looooong discussions re 5V tolerant inputs on the
S3C2440.  As I recall some ports allude to being 5V tolerant but could
never get that confirmed.  I believe the older S3C2410, which we used in a
product had some 5Volt tolerant inputs.

As for a UART I used a a 3V3 RS485 TXRX chip that interfaced to the raw
serial port.

These boards are a bit expensive to try and see if you can work outside
manufacturer's recommendations :)

I remember 4 years ago, to be in the same question. As for I can tell you
(after 4 years 24/7 and about 300 boards) is that it is safe, to connect 5V
levels to the UART of Mini2440.

Useful to have some obviously commercial feedback.  

/end  hi-jack

I need the schema "Sensor-IO 6-ch" of NanoPC-T1. Can anyone help?