Mini6410 play H.264

hi, all

video link:

In this demo movies, we played a H.264 movie with mini6410, the player used
the MFC video decoder in the CPU, so you can see a very nice performance.
and this player can be released soon, include Linux and WindowsCE version.

what's difference with other 6410 boards?
most of 6410 board use the samsung's demo, but it can only play the fixed
several movies: "Iran man", "Shrek", "wanted", here you see, we made a real
player that can play others movies.



another demo(with audio

enjoy it!


it looks great, but let me understand... are you developing a new player?
You said it will be released soon... Will it be free or a paid application?
Did you use some components from TCPMP??

Another question... How is video performance with Windows Media Player? I'm
just an owner of Mini2440, and I would like to know this kind of things.

Thank you!