Hi guys,

As this forum is not updated so frequently compaired to chinese one, here
is a post from Mindee anouncing the Mini310.
Release date not documented unfortunately.

We can see a simcard socket on the bottom view. Embedded 3G/GPRS ?


Dave McLaughlin
It would all depend on the price. 

Right now, the Mini210 fits my needs much better than the slower Mini6410
that I got started with. That was a good teaching block and with the
Mini210 I was able to build my own flavour of Android in one day. :o)

If this is footprint compatible and IO connections the same as the Mini210
it would allow me to update to this at some point. As I said, price will be
the deciding factor.


PS.. To make these boards even more powerful, FriendlyArm needs to release
the source for the hardware drivers for Android.

All we can hope is that it won't be much more expensive than PandaBoard or
other similar boards like smdkv310, mango310 or origenboard... The latter
is quite the same price than mini210 which is less powerfull.

Wait and see