Mini2440 update(2010-08-18)

Mini2440 update(2010-08-18)

- change the cross toolchain: arm-linux-gcc-4.4.1(EABI)
- add QtE-4.6.3 in Qtopia-2.2.0, easy switch to run.
- add NEC 4.3"LCD driver inLinux
- fixed a bug in Supervivi, now can use "z" to download bigger zImage
- improve the speed to burn NK.bin in supervivi
- fixed a bug in the UART1 driver in WindowsCE5
- add english version solution demo in WindowsCE5/6
- add "USB WiFi Kits",support the following type now:
    * TL-WN321G+
    * TL-WN322G+
    * TL-WN422G+
    * TL-WN721N
    * TL-WN722N
    >> QCOM
    * LR802UKG

download link:
1. cross toolchain:

2. Linux kernel source code

3. QtE-4.6.3

4. WindowsCE 5 BSP

5. WindowsCE 6 BSP

6. USB WiFi Kit

7. Supervivi

8. target file system  (include Qtopia-2.2.0 & QtE-4.6.3)

9. Linux image :

10. WindowsCE5 image(English)

11. WindowsCE6 image(English)

sorry, should be:
- change the cross toolchain: arm-linux-gcc-4.4.3(EABI)

Nice lot of updates!

What is the minimum size mini2440 this will run on?  With QtE4.6.3 and
2.2.0 I am guessing 128M??


@ Mindee,

Are those download links also be work for micro2440? 


rootfs_qtopia_qt4.img size is 87.8M, with 128M no problem.

and all the things can work on micro2440 too, but at least 128M nand flash


Dear mindee:

What are the updates or improvement made to this BSP release for Windows CE
6?. Is it the same that you have on your downloads page under "WinCE 6 BSP
2010-06-09" name?.

Where can we get an official "Rivision Note" where we can find the new
features added to the BSP each time than a new release is isued?.

Thanks in advance and best regards.

hi, Ferite,

only add a english version mini2440.pbxml, the BSP have no any change.


Dead Mindee:

I`ve download the 3 new images(supervivi, kernel, rootfs-qtopia-qt4,
everything OK, but the system boots with the the old qtopia 2.2.0 What am I
doing wrong?

Niyazi Elvan
As far as I know, qtopia version in that package is 2.2.0 (latest). What
you might be confused about is the QT version which is 4.6 in this package.
QT and Qtopia are different things.

I have 128MB mini2440, rootfs_qtopia_qt4.img 86MB gives me [Error:File Size
Error] in DNW when I use the option "y" to download it. I had to quit DNW
cause it stuck that way.

rootfs_qtopia_qt4-20100816.tar.gz cannot be downloaded directly onto
mini2440 using "y" before being processed by mkyaffs2image. It's too much
effort. I did not even try it. 
If you just flash it onto mini2440 using "y", you won't be able to boot up
mini2440 anymore. 

To fix boot-up issue, my only solution is to redo everything: format NAND,
download vivi, download zImage, download root_qtopia-128M.img

Without a full "redo", if you use a terminal simulator program like Putty
to check linux boot-up, even if it does boot-up, there are many bad blocks.
"bad blocks" doesn't seem to affect my system, but I don't like it...

Does anyone have a link to a WiFi USB dongle and driver for the mini2440
running Windows CE 5.0?

Have looked everywhere and not finding anything :(

I tested the VIA VT6656 USB WiFi Module, and it works well under WinCE 6.
You should test it on 5.0.


I have tried the updated English version of WinCE5.0. It works very well
except for one small probelm. The OS doesn't seem to have a driver for a
USB flash drive. The USB port works fine with a mouse & with a keyboard.

Is there a driver available for a USB flash drive? If so can someone please
point me in the right direction.

it's very usefull image for my mini2440
i was downloaded WindowsCE6 image(English) from the first post link, and my
mini2440 can boot with nboot_T35.bin,NK_T35.bin. but after finished flash
NAND, my mini2440 has wrong display orientation.
can you give me image with landscape display orientation.
many thanks. :)