Mini6410 update(2010-08-04)

Mini6410 update(2010-08-04)
- add backlight control in u-boot, turn off the backlight when boot.
- improve the UART driver, now support 4 uart in linux
- update to the latest QtE-4.6.3
- fixed the bug on  NFS boot.
- add OpenGL 3D demo in windowsCE6(no source code)
- add English, Traditional Chinese version solution/mini6410.pbxml in
- and include the last update(2010-07-25)
- add the LCD driver for LCD2VGA(1024x768, 800x600, 640x480), T35, L80,
EZVGA, for linux, WindowsCE6
- add PWM, LED, Buttons driver in WindowsCE6
- add Multimedia Test demo in WindowsCE6

download link:
1. the whole iso image(5.5GB):

2. u-boot source code

3. linux kernel source code

4. arm-qte-4.6.3 source code: include the script "build" & "mktarget"

5. rootfs:

6. WindowsCE6 BSP

7. linux image

8. wince6 image


is there a link collection like this for mini2440?

please check here:

ps, I can't edit what I typed, how to do?

Do you have an English version of CE6?

Xie Xie


hi, Phil

maybe next time.

The download speed is extremly slow. Is there a way to upload those files
to a file hoster or another location?

Where can we get the superboot.bin file?

please try this link:

I succeed in download Wince6 BSP, but I didn't find nothing for LCD
backlight driver.
I mean driver to power off lcd backlight when no one touch the screen for a
while (for wince).
Thanks to all.

I can't get the board to be flashed with a sd card. Because of the
exrtemely slow download speed i'm unable to download the hole iso. Instead,
I downloaded the wince image alone (mini6410-ce6-ch-image-2010802) and
tried to create the right sd card image with it.

I prepared the card with the sd-flasher utility and the above posted

After that, I created the images folder and put the wince6 file into a sub
folder (WindowsCE6). I also tried putting them right into the images

Where do I have to put the FriendlyARM.ini file? Into the images folder? Or
in the root of the sd card? Could someone post a FriendlyARM.ini sample? Do
I need all images within the sd card(linux, wince, android) or only the
image i'm going to start?

Thanks in advance,


Hi, Mrpec

FriendlyARM.ini should be in the images folder

Ok, I tried that, but without success. Could someone please pot a sample
FriendlyARM.ini file?

Is there any way to get the OpenGL 3D demo WindowsCE6 source code ?

I sucessfully compiled the OpenGL ES Demo (SMDK6410\SAMPLES\OPENGLES) but
the executable does not seem to get started ! And I do not understand why !
Visual Studio displays the error: "The process can not be found!"

Has someone managed to run this demo ?

Also, do I need DLLs (libEGL.dll, libGLESv1_CM.dll) ? Because they are not
in the project (SDK) !!!

peter babu
Hi ,

 Can anyone send me  FriendlyARM.ini file  to this following  mail id .

thanks & regards

I have the same problem as Martin.I copied the DLLs into the directory
where the executable, but the same result - the program will not start.
Does anyone have any idea ?