Key feature:
- CPU: S5PV210 @1Ghz
- 512M RAM
- 5" 800x480
- SD WiFi
- board size 130 x 115 mm

A complete feature list would be nice.

Are there plans to make a stamp module as well?

Stamp module will take another months.

Mini210 would be available next week.

Please post the complete feature list when it is available.


So, we got the pictures how about a datasheet?

While I have your attention could you tell me the part number for the 4 pin
plug that can be plugged into CON1,2 and 3 (serial0, 1 and 2 on the

Part numbers in previous posts did not help me to source these connectors. 
Maybe, some plugs with wires could be included with the dev boards :)


Ann R. (Russia)
It has HDMI! ))

I want it )


here is a Chinese page:


Anna R. (Russia)
And here is English

Andreas Watterott
The Mini210 is now also at the product pages on

Impressive, but expensive. The TI Cortex-A8 AP + DSP, potentially make a
more powerful combo than this Samsung AP, yet the Beagleboard-xM and IGEPv2
are cheaper than this one. IGEPv2, has pretty much all the features
mentioned here for mini210, and much lesser price. Of course, they do not
include the display.

I hope that as adoption picks up, the price can really be brought down with
increased volumes

Ann R. (Russia)

188 euro for IGEPv2. Don't think it is cheaper

But I also think that mini210 is expencive

Note: Mini210 outside price is lower than in China.

And so is milk powder outside of New Zealand :)

Any comment about the type of connector mentioned?


Maybe China baby made more noise :)
The connector is common.

It might be common in China. Doesn't it have a part number!

That will be attached into the user manual in the future update.

Juergen Beisert
"PowerVR SGX540 graphics engine"... seems we are out of luck to ever get a
reliable graphics driver

any plans on releasing a BSP at pengutronix for the 210?

to port pengutronix, FriendlyARM can provide some boards to play, interest
it? if so, please send your shipping address to :)


Anna R. (Russia)
mindee, can you send them also N43i touchscreens? This ts with "i" index
doesn't work with "s3c 2410 ts kernel driver" and friendlyarm 6410 ts
drivers don't work with standart ts_lib. So it is impossible to use it.

Juergen Beisert
> deltaT: any plans on releasing a BSP at pengutronix for the 210?

Maybe. But currently I'm still working on a reliable NAND flash driver for
the Mini6410 that works for all known flashes on this board. I want to
complete the Mini6410 BSP first, before starting the next BSP

@mindee: I'm also interested in this mysterious "N43i" display Anna is
fighting with.

Ok. I haven't checked in in a while, did you already manage to get the 2GB
MLC-Flash of the Tiny6410 to work?
I think, the N43i display is the same, I had trouble with.

If you use a FriendlyARM-Kernel and run "cat /dev/touchscreen-1wire" you
should see some gibberish - if so, we have a common problem: the ts-lib
drivers are proprietary, and I haven't found a way to get the Backlight and
touchscreen to work on a vanilla kernel or Juergen's BSP

Any plans to support wince6 or win7?

Ann R. (Russia)
i've got 2 displays - N43i and X35. X35 works fine if you compile the
kernel with S3C2410 touchscreen drivers. And if you compile the kernel with
"friendlyARM 6410 touchscreen" kernel driver then it can't work with ts_lib
input plugins - you get "6410 buffer full error" when you touch the screen.
It works only with Friendly ARM propriate ts_lib plugin. 

I have resoldered jumpers on N43i module as Juergen adviced, but it can't
still work with "S3C2410 touchscreen driver" - backlight doesn't work.

Juergen Beisert
@deltaT: I now have a driver that handles the OOB area and the possible ECC
at runtime dynamically. So it should work with every NAND device. But I'm
still confused how this CPU handles booting from NAND (does it ECC at this
early stage of the boot process or not? And if yes, how to configure what
type of ECC it should use and where in the OOB area it should expect the
stored ECC sum).

I suggest you create another thread about touch-screen on mini6410

I'd like to help you, but I'm back in Germany - I have to wait till I get
my hands on a suitable Power-Plug, would be happy to help once I'm back in
the game.

which device is used for the N43i as touchscreen-input? /dev/touchscreen or

there are already a number of threads on this issue, but there's been no
solution so far - I tried contacting arm9 multiple times, but they couldn't
help me either. According to capbily, the components used in the tiny and
the mini are exactly the same, yet the touch screens on the tinys don't
work with the s3c2410 driver. Maybe you can shed some light on this?

Anna R. (Russia)

Before resoldering jumpers - /dev/touchscreen-1wire.
After resoldering -  /dev/event/input0

But resoldering hasn't fixed my problems yet. If I compile kernel with
"s3c2410 ts drvers" instead of "friendlyARM 6410 ts driver" i see only
blackscreen with no backlight. But it gives reaction on cat
/dev/event/input0. I also have X35 display and I have no problems using it.
And with N43i I have been fighting for several months and I hardly can
believe, that I can make it ever work. 

I also have a source of ts_lib plugin that works with
/dev/touchscreen-1wire and friendlyARM 6410 ts kernel driver (i found it on
some chineese forum). But with this plugin ts works fine only with
ts_calibrate tools. And in QT4 applications touchscreen is inactive - the
cursor is very slow and click function is disabled.

I see your problem: you managed to get the TS working by re-soldering the
jumpers, but the backlight control is still missing due to the missing
kernel patch (which is provided by FriendlyARM - same kernel-source as
their "miscellaneous" TS driver).
The only long-term solution I see, is for FriendlyARM (therefore mindee and
capibly) to either release and/or adjust the respectable kernel-module or
switch to a different vendor (which, realistically, is unlikely).
Regarding the modified tslib_input-module: the patch you are talking about
works OK for i.e. the basic X11 functions and therefore the Ubuntu-Distro
in combination with the right kernel, but at a long shot, it's no real
solution. If you are aiming for true OpenSource coding w/ a FriendlyARM
board, stay away from anything employing the non-standard touchscreen
interface drivers (and therefore the current Tiny6410 release, Mini6410
with the 4.3" are known to be working w/ the traditional s3c24xx TS-input
kernel driver, which is in the main tree by now).
From my correspondence with arm9, I learnt that there's no interest in
releasing the tslib source-code, so for my (moral)
understanding, this is to be avoided.
Let's hope, they took a different approach on the Mini210 and the 5" TS -
I'd hate to find a different board to develop my apps on, since FriendlyARM
provides the best hardware with making no or only few compromises regarding
the hardware -- touchscreen not mentioned ;D

Well, we'll talk about it after the long time holiday in China. Maybe there
is another solution.

But beside this, the MLC NAND flash(K9GAG08U0E) is more difficult.  and
K9GAG08U0D is easier to drive. 


Juergen Beisert
@mindee: what is the difference between both flash types (except the
difference in their name 'E' versus 'D')?

Ann R. (Russia)
>>, but the backlight control is still missing due to the missing
kernel patch

Can't find it. Can you give me a link to the patch?


Mini210 seems to be hard to find. I can't find it from ebay sellers, and website gives the specs, price and pictures, but there is no
download section to have a user manual or DVD image.

Is there a reason for that, is mini210 too new to find it everywhere?

Here is a USA seller, with a manual at the bottom of the page

It is also available here
and here

i've got to think *any* board on s3c* is just wasted money - samsung
doesn't provide good support and drivers. e.g. 2d/3d accel. from this point
of view, omap (and kits like beagleboard) look much more attractive ...

Dave McLaughlin
@davef!! I see still did not get a reply on the connectors. in the USA have a kit for the 2440 and 6410 with both
the PCB and the mating connectors at a very reasonable price. This is a
better idea as you need specialised tooling for the the crimp pins used in
these connectors.


Thanks anyhow.  I just wanted several of that one particular connector.


Dave McLaughlin
Hi Mindee,

You quoted above the board with LCD as US$249 yet all the prices on the web
that I can find are around $360?

I know companies need to make profit but surely this price is wrong or your
original pricing was a little too low?


The $360 is the sample price, quantity will be $249USD.
I have ask the seller came from (, they promise me
the price for $249USD with more quantity

Maybe we can arrange something if enough people is interested. What is the
minimum order to get the mini210 for $249USD? I'm interested...
Perhaps we can create another thread in which we ask for interested
What do you think about that?

This is a good idea, i am interested, add my MSN or send my mail.

I have contacted armdevs which is the sales platform of minidevs. They are
in China. It seems I have taken contact after you Fred as the person
mentioned me your mail. So you probably already have the information, but
we need to order 100pcs to get the mini210 at $249USD.
The person told me "it is not necessary to find 100 people.Different people
have different discount". So what I understand is we can get lower prices
than the $360USD if we are many people.

I have sent a mail to FriendlyARM ( I'm waiting for their
answer. Depending on that, I'll create another thread to gather interested

Hi Scewface. Armdevs is not a USA reseller. In fact, all you mentioned are
in China. Industrial ARMWorks is based the US at and has
plenty of stock on hand. It will be hard to get anything out of China till
the middle of February due to the Spring Festival.