NanoPC-T1 LED Status Meanings??

Hello everyone, new member here.
I'm finally playing with the NanoPC-T1 and trying to install Android from
an SD card, while hooked to a tv via HDMI -no LCD.

I've tried a few configurations of FriendlyArm.ini and a couple of versions
of superboot4412.bin, but I still don't get the board to do much or show
anything on the TV.

My question:
The only feedback I have now are the two green status LED's, but I don't
know what the blinking codes mean. Is there a document that describes the
different patterns? 

Thanks a lot!

I am not aware of any codes as such.  You might get an answer on the new

As far as trying to work out what is happening you really need to watch
your boot messages. See

Thanks davef, I figured it out, the board finally started with android on
the tv. I just had to wait a little longer, and for some strange reason I
had to flip the HDMI cable around, I don't know if that was really it

*The codes for the LED lights:

-Very rapid, continuous blinking on both: 
 Files not found on friendlyarm.ini\images (wrong directory etc)

-Continuous, 1-second blinks on both:
 Installing/flashing OS as per frinedlyarm.ini
 When done, both LED's stay on. You can reboot board to start.

-On restart with OS installed, One LED lights up briefly, and then both 
 are off while the OS starts. There's no other feedback after that, not 
 even an HDMI image or text, until the kernel and some of the basic 
 stuff loads, about 10 seconds.