Strange problem of Nano PI M1

willy wen
Dear All
We have a little program written by C#. It will read data from ttyS1 and
show information on X-window ( lightdm). We write the autorun to start the
program whenever Nano PI M1 starts. The problem is the program can't show
anything when it is brought by autorun. But when we kill the program and
restart by hand, everything is fine. Could you give me any idea to solve
this problem. ThankS!

I would suggest using PSU-ONECOM or some other UART adapter and minicom to
view your boot messages.

Maybe describe how you do autorun.  This is probably at the end of the boot

willy wen
The autorun is in the directory fa. the full path is
it will bring program up when LXDE is ready.
As I said before, the ttyS1 communication is no problem when we restart
this program .
Please help. Thanks!

So, the boot messages don't tell you what is happening?

Maybe look in syslog to see if you can see any differences.

I can't suggest anything else.

Good luck!