Example for GPIO Nano PC T2, with Android Studio

Hello everyone, I'm having some problems to use the GPIO from my NanoPCT2
component, I would like to know if there is any basic example of how this
works with Android Studio.
I was trying the examples provided in Github but I was having some errors
when integrating the library.
Best Regards

Hello, T2 Android4.4 and Android5 system has increased the hardware access
library, you need to download the latest firmware to Wikipedia to go back
to use, specific

Hi, thanks a lot for your answer, I was using that version of the sample
code in the documentation. My problem is that when I change the package
name I get the error "HardwareControler: libfriendlyarm-hardware library
not found!".  I could not find where this error occurs in the refence with
the library.

Hi, i solve the problem changing the version of Android, i was using 5.1,
and change it to 4.4


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