Programmatically shutdown of NanoPi M2


I got the SerialPortDemo running on Android 5.1.1 and so I was able to
acquire privileged access to some parts of the hardware through
friendlyarm-hardware library.

But now I need to programmatically shutdown and/or reboot the device. This
requires su (root) access. In some other threads was a hint that Kingroot
could be used to acquire root access but this doesn't seem to work with
NanoPi M2 and the current Android 5.1.1 build. I also tried several other
on-click root tools but without success.

I do not really understand why FriendlyARM does not provide an Android with
root access (like some other development platforms). But if this is strict
strategy, I could live with it, when I could at least get the option to
shutdown / reboot the device through friendlyarm-hardware lib.


Are you using your own compiled Android system? You want to
programmatically shutdown device from SerialPortDemo app or another app?

I want to shut down from a self developed app that is using the
friendlyarm-hardware library for serial communication based on the


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