Idea for bare metal project

I stand before the task - I need to do a final project at the ARM course
(Mini2440 bare metal course). And I'm looking for a sample code that could
be used as a basis for my project. At first I had an idea to work with the
touchscreen, but it seems I have somewhere off the wire in my Mini2440 and
the touchscreen does not respond to the stylus. Now I want to try to work
with usb. I have experience writing a usb driver at Kernel level, but there
is no writing experience at bare metal level. Could you give a link to such
a driver? Or suggest another idea for a bare metal project?

With respect,

Bare metal USB driver ... have a look at the Teensy code.  I used that for
a few years on an ATMEL ATmega32U4.

Keyword < teensy USB serial >

It is used for Mini2440 ?

The Teensy code runs on a ATmega32U4 which was plugged into the mini2440.

I am only suggesting that perhaps that code could be ported to run directly
on the mini2440.

What do you use to compile your code to run on the mini2440, without a
Linux OS?

I compile my code in arm-linux-gcc and make flashing by MiniTools from

Sorry, I use Makefile to make Demo.bin and make flasing by MiniTools.

arm-linux-gcc?  Isn't that for cross-compiling C code to run on a Linux

What compiler are you using in order to run your C code on a bare-metal

I'm using the Makefile. I have to check it to answer you. Using the
Makefile, I get the Demo.bin file that I run in the Mini2440 using the
MiniTools utility.

Sorry, I am a bit confused.  Are you running an operating system Linux or
Windows on the mini2440?

I have Linux if I switch the Mini2440 to NAND and I work with bare metal if
I switch the Mini2440 to NOR

I compile programs for Mini2440 on my laptop, which also has Linux
installed (CentOS 6.8)

OK, I wasn't aware that you could run bare metal programs just using the
NOR.  I have never tried.

I am not convinced that arm-linux-gcc will compile your source to run on
NOR or bare-metal. 

I thought Keil was the the development system that was used for bare-metal
programming, search for that on this forum.

Sorry, I am probably not much help here.  Maybe reading through the StartOS
thread might help.

Good luck!


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