The NanoPi is a low power consumption, Samsung S3C2451 based ARM SOC that FriendlyARM developed for Linux hackers, Hobby makers and hobbyists. Its size is only half of the Raspberry Pi(RPi) and its GPIO pin is compatible with the RPi’s. The NanoPi integrates both the WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0,and has MiPi sockets for cameras and LCDs. It is easy to run and install Linux/Debian from a TF card. These features make it a good platform for applications in IOT, unmanned vehicles, drones and intelligent devices.


    • CPU: Samsung S3C2451, 400Mhz
    • RAM: 64M DDR2
    • Integrated SDIO WiFi and Bluetooth
    • USB Type A x1
    • Debugging Serial Port x1
    • microSD Slot x1
    • microUSB x1: for power and data transmission. It can be configured as a serial port or Ethernet
    • LCD Interface: 0.5mm spacing FPC socket, full color LCD (RGB:8-8-8)
    • DVP Camera interface:0.5mm spacing FPC socket. It includes ITU-R BT 601/656 8-bit, I2C and IO
    • GPIO1: 2.54mm spacing 40pin, compatible with Raspberry Pi's GPIO. It includes UART, SPI, I2C, IO etc
    • GPIO2: 2.54mm spacing 12pin. It includes I2S, I2C, UART etc.
    • PCB dimension: 75 x 30 mm
    • Power: DC 5V
    • Bootloader and OS: u-boot, Linux-4.1 and Debian


Nanopi-1 Nanopi-2 Overview Nanopi-2 Interfaces