Using Mini2440 as a video surveillance server

Dear All,

I have a project idea to use the Mini2440 as a low cost robust host for
capturing video feed from something like a USB webcam. Basically, I want to
be able to remotely access my Mini2440 anytime wherever I am through the
internet, and view whatever the camera (connected via USB to it) can see. I
intend to put this Mini2440 webcam USB setup in my home's living room, so
that whenever I am away, such as overseas and so on, I can just remotely
connect to my Mini2440 and monitor my living room. I am going to install
Linux on my board (probably Kernel version 3.1 something) so it will be an
embedded linux device.

Can anyone please advice me on the following:

1. What cameras can I use with the Mini2440? I have checked out
FriendlyArm's CAM130 CMOS-Camera Module on but at 1.3MP, it is too low
for my liking, I'd like to be able to have more options one the webcams I
can use for this purpose.

2. What security issues would I face, and how should I setup my Mini2440 +
webcam unit to make it secure? 

3. Following on 2, I realized that I will need to touch on concepts like
Network Administration, such as Internet and connection protocols and so
on, which I am unfamiliar with. I would appreciate it if anyone could point
me to books, webpages or articles where I can get a practical introduction
to this area. 

4. Is there anything else that I need to prepare myself or my board in
order to successfully implement this video surveillance project? I have
discovered ZoneMinder as the possible software suite I need to take care of
the software demands of this project, but to me, it seems too heavy for an
embedded linux setup on Mini2440. Does anyone have any alternatives to

Thank you very much all for any feedback and suggestions!


For the above project support u can contact, we
have completed the above project

Hi k.sundeep, I have already emailed you from my yahoo account on the 27th
of December 2014 at 5:26pm. Did you receive my email? Please let me know if
you don't see it, so that I can send it again if you didn't get it.

Thank you very much for offering to help me with this project!