s3c6410 compilier ?

ahmed adel
which compilier ?. 
can i use it to write code for s3c6410. without os.

ahmed adel
why no answer are my question hard or wrong
 or s3c6410 must use  with os .

Ahmed, just look at ADS1.2
You'll be able to make binaries for mini2440, mini6410, mini210s...
Or, Keil, IAR, maybe Atollic TrueSTUDIO

Dear anatoly,

Where can I find ADS1.2? Could you please provide me with a download link?
Thanks a lot.


Dear Hamed, if you have the DVD came with your board, please read:
Otherwise, download DVD image for mini2440 from the downloads. It must be
there... And I don't want to talk about such things publicly.

Juergen Beisert
You can use any ARM cross GCC compiler you like. With the compile time
option "-march=armv6zk" you ensure the compiler creates code exactly for
this SoC's CPU core. But this is valid only for your the non-OS case.