Not able to Install ADS1.2 form the CDROM

I got Mini2440 Dev Board and DVDROM.

When I tried to install Windows Tools/ADS1.2/Setup.exe, It throuws error
saying " Insatllshield Engine (iKernel.exe)couldnot be installed.
The filename...syntax invalid."  
I executed this on WindowsXP;

Can anyone pelase help me to know the why I am getting this error?
Is there any Specific Steps to be followed for insalling ADS1.2 ?

There is some Cracked License.DAT, Is that the ARM License we have to use ?
Is it a Evaluation version ?

Please help me..It is urgent.


ADS1.2 did not run from the DVD which was delivered with my Ebay Mini2440.
I did download a DVD in English, I think the one on top, and then installation
works fine.

The license.dat is the one you have to point your installer to when running
the installation.


Shahid riaz
First copy the folder ADS1.2 to any of you Hard Disk Space. Then run setup
form there.

Shahid Riaz