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My Nanopc-t1 can't play 720p vids smoothly let alone 1080p1
How to install Android on NanoPC-t113
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Access bootloader on Tiny210V20
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Can't access USB devices. Do I need root for it?0
Linux on Tiny4412: How to start?1
3g mf210 in smart2100
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Android 4.0.3 on mini210s ts_config: No such device0
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Kernel update1
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Android 4 development on Smart2100
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[Mini210] - Kernel 3.4.39 with gpu0
Document required for cross compiling android application1
Custom GPIO under Android0
Android support on mini24402
RIL-DAEMON, init.rc and services6
To Smart210, when porting the Linux and Android, touch does not2
Android Serial RS232 and USB11
NANO PC digital IO hardware library (.so) for Android0
USART GPS Mini441218
How to config H43 resistive touch for nanopc-t19
Install UART GPS module on Android2
Tiny 210 - Pen drive is not mounting - USB drive issue - Help !!1
Do it install Android 4.0 on Tiny6410?0
Android image0
Mini2440 Android for N35 display0
Tiny210 - Serial Port API for android5
White Screen6
IMG format in Tiny44123
Using PWM0
NFC Driver0
Tiny4412 SetUp for resistive Touch screen0
Booting delay problem1
hide navigation bar0
ADC (Analog to digital)0
Tiny210 Android CPU Freq Governor0
Usb 3g Connection On Mini 64100
Superboot showing nothing in mini24401
adc in android0
can't install android on mini 24400
App over ethernet13
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