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Need 1-wire touchscreen driver (Mini2440 ,WinCE 6 ,LCD 8")0
new 2440 nightmare!5
Suspend / Resume2
Windows Embedded compact 7.16
Tiny 210 Touch Issue0
BSPs difference10
I need NK.BIN for Smart2100
Problem on Windows CE LCD0
mini2451 with analog touchscreen??0
Smart210 beeper0
FlyAudio E7525NAVI0
reset reg win mini24404
No Touch Response In WinCE64
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compile english wince for smart 2100
No Audio Driver0
SPI sending data20
Yellow progress bar3
Regional Settings0
WinCE Fonts0
Transferring Files with DNW0
Mini210 BSP Does not boot0
Boot fail after registry tweak.0
Mini 2440 nor menu does not appear.0
Mini 2440 + Visual Studio 20080
Urgent CE build required $$$0
Windows CE 6.0 booting problem0
Wifi Information0
softphone for windows CE 60
iostream on wince 20130
Increase size of RAM 256 > 512MB WinCE60
SD CARD interfacing14
Smart210 HDMI display problem in WINCE61
WinCE 5.0 + W35 Screen1
Can modify the bootloader?0
tiny 2416 Wince install error15
mini2440 bios list is not getting displayed7
ADC graph plotting with mini24401
Cannot close startup program0
ICS problem0
how to accessing GPIO in Tiny210 v2 using c#?3
Tiny 6410 Windows CE 60
wincd pinout c# mini24409
Multi-IO and C#1
Mini 2440 Oscilloscope34
How to Start Qt application.exe on Windows CE running Mini24401
Windows Embedded Compact 7 runs on mini6410 out of box14
Qt 4.6.2 WinCE DLL20
mini2440 with winCE os4
W35 Touch Screen not configure8
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