GPIO Visual Basic WinCE 6 driver

Mario Collin
Hi, I am looking for example on how to use the GPIO with WinCe 6 and Visual
Basic. On WinCe 6 there is suppose to be the GPIO driver. Does anybody
knows how to use it?

Yes I am looking for it to.

Mario Collin
Mi Wince 6 image is the last one from ThaiElec. The GPIO driver is suppose
to be part of it.

andrés barré
There is some documentation on the use of the same in this version that you

tnx  Andrés

Does anybody search anymore?

andrés barré

if, we are looking for something but. that you indicate is only for ce5.0,
but it does not work of any way for CE6.0 are two totally different things

look at this answer..

Windows CE 6.0 has a different security model and VirtualAlloc to a
physical address is no longer allowed.  Since this is what the
PhysicalAddressPointer class relies on to work, it causes the class to
fail.  The only workaround is to create an actual driver for the device
that exposes a method to do the memory-mapping for you.




OpenNETCF Support Team

OpenNETCF Consulting

any attempt to accede directly to the map of directions protect by the
Kernel would be in a system error.
 in my case I program in C# but VB is equal since it uses compact
framework, 1, 2, 3,5 etc…

but I have the hope that we find a simple DLL that also acts these as in
CE6.0 so that it stops being a stupid brick with this system 


Mario Collin
In the ThaiElec CE6 image there is a sample for the gpio access. But there
is no documentation on how it is done, There is suppose to be a gpio driver
ont he image. Hope we can find how it works....

Did anyone solve this? I'm trying to access for example the leds from
visual basic, using CE6.

Thanks to all.

The leds i have done. I will see if i still have the source code.

You just open the LED1 device as a file, and issue IO_Control commands, if
i rememeber correctly.

I wrote a CE 6.0 GPIO driver. I just published a tutorial (in french and
english) that explains how to include it in a CE 6.0 image.
The source code is available.
I wrote a sample application that uses this driver to drive the leds and
read the state of the buttons. The source code of this application is also
Please see

PS : I didn't take time to instal Visual Studio 2008 for the moment, then I
can't write a sample application in C# or

Oups, the link is bad, this one should be better :

Hello Errol and Domodom!
First, I wonder... where are you both from? Domodom from France I supose
right? I'm from Argentina :)

Thanks for the code, I see it's for VC... I'm using VB (I never used VC
before...) Is there a way to do this in VB? I need a DLL right?

Or... I have to migrate to VC? The one reason for which I choose VB is for
the user interface generation, which is really easy...

Hello Fernando, 
Yes, I'm in France.
For the moment, I made no test with for the moment, because we
can't use these langages with visual studio 2005 and Windows CE 6.0.
Now, I'm downloading a trial version of Visual Studio 2008, I want to try
to write a sample application that uses my GPIO driver. If it can be
made quickly, I certainly will write a tutorial on my web site.
I won't have time to dot it this week-end, but I hope to be able to publish
something by the end of the next week.

andrés barré
 if you are going to write in vb. and if you already use the c and c++ is
going to be but easy for you to use c#, that this but next of these c that
customary to use, 
I comment to you that by the lack of dll´s for ce6.0 what I am doing it is
to use cores arm7 avr. 8051 etc. doing the function of data acquisition in
low level and communicating the results through the doors series. that I
finish being but the simple thing for my. besides giving certain security
in the subject of galvanic isolation and quick treatment of some signals
that require therefore it.
 These are other interesting options, that throw responsibility and allow a
great flexibility to the system



You are certainly right, it is easier to use c# than for a c++

I understand too well your problem. I don't know what application you want
to develop, but writing a driver like my GPIO or SPI drivers is easy. I
think that if you study the source code of theses drivers, you should be
able to write your own (especialy if you use the source code of a driver
and modify it). I tried to explain how I proceeded for my spi driver, but
it would be better for me to write a complete tutorial to explain everyting
in details. But I don't have time for the moment... ;o(

Windows CE is a real time OS, the s3c2440 is powerfull, it's better to
avoid adding a microcontroller to do a task that the mini2440 could do

Best regards


I just wrote an article that explains how to use my GPIO driver in a VB.Net
application :
Best regards

Domodom, you really are great!
I would like to add you to my facebook or msn, is it all right with you?
I just tested and works fantastic!

Step 2: now I will try to understand the code.

I was trying these days to migrate to VC but it wasn't easy for me... I
think is too much years with VB... I do program in C for microcontrollers
and DOS, but never for Windows, and that is my problem. Also I tried to
install QT for WinCE, but never got it working yet... 

Thanks a lot!

I'm glad you like it as much.
For facebook or msn, it's not possible, I'm too old to use these social
networks... ;o(
I tried to give enough explanations, I hope that is enough. Feel free to
contact me if you need additional explanations.

If you need very fast applications, I think you should continue to migrate
to VC (I'm not sure that such VB.Net application, that calls unmanaged
functions, is efficient).

When I have time, the next step would be to add a external interrupt
management with a mecanisme that triggers an event when a button is pressed
(instead of such ugly pulling mecanism)


Hey i really thank. i have search this very long time.

Hi Damodam,

I am new to this website. and as well as Wince6.0 driver.
i need vc code . and how to create vc code for driver.
I can't able to open this website

Its asking for Login Name and password.

Please help me , how to use?

Thanks ,


Try this

Hi Domodom,
I would like to ask.  How can I integrate the VB program into the WinCE
image so that I can run the VB program on the board without using the PC? 
Do you have the steps for the integration?

Hope to hear from you soon.



Hi Domodom,
I would like your help.  When I tried to open the project files of TestGPIO
v1.0, I got the below message

"The project consists entirely of configurations that require support for
platforms which are not installed in this machine.  The project cannot be

Have you got this before?  What have I left out?

Hope to hear from you soon.



Hi Domodom,
Do you have the guide of how to create a GUI application program to call
your .dll file and how this application program be integrated into WinCE
image so that it an icon program in WinCE?

Hope to hear from you soon.



Can the posted Driver be used for TINY 6410. I have already posted
elsewhere in this forum as to how to access the GPIO ports of the TINY 6410
amd no one has replied so far. At least some one should inform if this is
the right place or not

Hi Domodom
Your web site links do not work. Do you have a new web address.
I'm looking for GPIO drivers for the mini2451 using wince 6.0 cf 3.5
And VB 2008 

My website is broken, I hope to be able to restore it during the week-end.
best regards

My website is back.
Sorry for this problem, php is not easy as Windows CE...

Oh boy, I wish if windows ce would be easy as php lol

Hi Domodom,

I need your help to read buttons and LED control for Mini210 using .Net
framework. Tried on your website but nothing on it ?

Hi Domodom,

I need gpio driver for wince 6.0. Can you please help me?