Filesystem changes not saved using buildroot


I made a filesystem using buildroot. Everything goes fine until i write
linux configuration files for network. They are present and network goes

As soon as I reboot the file disappear. Do you have any idea why the files
are not wrotten in the "jffs2 filesystem"/nand ?

Thanks in advance,

When I modify a file it's ok.
If I create a new file, reboot then the file doesn't exists.

Does someone has the same problem with jffs2 root filesystem ?

update : it's only about configuration files  like /etc/resolv.conf for

Any ideas?

I had this problem with a rcS file I found on the net when I was playing
around with JFFS2.

If you have a statement like:

mount -o bind /tmp/etc /etc

then any changes you make to /etc are volatile!

Just comment the line out.

Next thing you will notice is that when you do make changes you will get
CRC errors on bootup (while monitoring using minicom), but everything seems
to still work OK.

Good luck

I don't have mount commands for etc but thanks for the info.

Something very strange around theses files, autocompletion works with non
existing file. It's like they exist but they don't...

I will modify these file in the buildroot skeleton or create a service to
modify them at boot.

Thanks for help.