VB.NET application without OS

Anurag Mishra
My new mini2440 is now a 2 weeks old, I have read many documentationa and
other links in this forum. Although I have made several application for Win
Ce 5.0... I am still not able to run a simple VB.NET with 'NO OS'. I have
tried "a" at NOR boot menu as well, but it simply hangs when I reboot in
NAND mode. 
Could someone kindly help me with a sample application "GUI hello world" or
step by step method to run a OS less application please.


as far as I know, there is no way to run a VB.NET application without OS
(normally Windows or Linux + Mono). The .NET Framework runs on services
supplied by an OS.



Anurag Mishra
Hi Oscar,

Thanks for the reply. I completely agree with you. Alternatively, is there
any other way to develop a standalone GUI application which can work
without OS.
If yes (!!!), could someone please guide me.


Search for uCos2 and 2440test

Anurag Mishra
Hi Dec,

Thank you for your guidance. 

Although I dont want to use this forum for any other discussion apart from
2240, I cannot help but mention that using a new tool will increase my
'time to prototype' drastically, not to mention licencing price etc.

Please do not get me wrong, its not about learning new tool, but the
'prototype time' that I am currently forced to put as priority-high.

Is there any way that the 'no-OS standalone GUI application' can be built
using Microsoft or Keil IDE. My final 2330 application has to be fully GUI

Oscar/Dec, Thanks ones again.

You can't have it "quick" AND "without OS".

If Keil supports this CPU then you can use it. I don't have it so i can't

But developing without an OS means that YOU must write all the drivers. YOU
must impliment multi tasking. YOU must manage the GUI.

It is possible, but will NOT be quick. 

If you want to do Rapid Prototyping then you will be forced to use an OS.

There is also dotNet Micro Framework that runs without an OS that can run
simple dotNet apps.

It has not been ported to the mini2440 and i saw an estimate that it will
take 12 to 24 months to port.

I think using the board with Windows CE image supplied is the fastest way
to get you VB.NET application running. I'm not sure why you don't want an

1) You can run your application from beginning if you don't want users to
see the Windows interface.

2) Do you need more free RAM?



Anurag Mishra
Hi Oscar,

1. I can run the application as first startup application, but then I still
pay for the licences (primary reason). For other/business reasons we cannot
move to free/open-source IDE

2. No, I do not need more free resources...

Thanks all... please do suggest if you find anything useful.


i Don't know how many devices you must develop, but an wince6.0 license is
between $3 and $16.
    * $3.00 USD for Core SKU*
      (The Core SKU is a subset of the Windows Embedded CE Core operating
system features.)
    * $16.00 USD for Professional SKU*
      (The Professional SKU is a higher-end license that is ideal for
devices that require rich multimedia and graphics.)

Here in Holland a programmer cost around $60 hour , so the cost for license
and develop tools are nothing comparing with the labor cost.
It's only interesting when you ship >10000 devices.

Not sure if this helps, but if your cleints computer is running an os, look
at changing the enviroment boot exe file. 

For example, i have a cleint that is running windows on his machines but
needed some software to run without the os gui, so i replaced the
explorer.exe with the vb.net application that was required.

This prevents the explorer.exe from loading but all the features of cmd and
alt ctrl del to work. 

Hope this is helpful. 

If not then ignore ;)



This should work. I will try that out. Thanks so much Sui.

hi Anurag!

I have same problem. If you can resolve that problem, please tell me your
way to resolve problem by email dtanh72@gmail.com

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards

Manoj Mishra
Hello Anurag,
             I also develope my application in vb.net2008 for wince6.0
mini2440 but I cannot create cab files for deploment,please guide me