Frustrated over the years

I don't know if there is anyone has the same feeling as I do. I like
FriendlyARM's products. They were great and classic at the beginning.
However, over the years, they made boards with newer and more powerful CPUs
and bigger MMCs, but they ratherly match up the RAM requirements. Is there
anyone thinks 1GB RAM is enough to made full use of a 8 core CPU? Anyway, I
wish FriendlyARM can design they products beyond the concern of lowering
costs and show the full potential of products. I believe this will allow
their products become more competitive on the global market.

Happy Chinese New Year!


We are working on a 2G RAM NanoPC-T3 and wish to release it soon

William Deans
There must be something I seriously don't understand because in my little
pea brain a memory slot that accepts "standard" notebook memory and NOT a
2G option is the answer.  Probably people will want 4 if you give them 2
and 8 if you give them 4.  Why not let them put in "any" amount of memory?