boot from nand mini2440 and Keil MDK uvision 5

hello friends,
I'm trying to build 2440test with keil MDK uvision 5
it builds successfully and run with 'download and run' command.
but the problem it cannot boot from nand flash.
the original 2440test (build by ADS) can run from both nand and nor.
###for the linker I just copied the setting from ADS project as follows:

--info totals --entry 0x30000000 --ro-base 0x30000000 --map --list list.txt
--first 2440init.o(Init)

any suggestion to solve this problem,
thank you

finally I got it works
I didnot figure the real cause but I guess the (CopyProgramFromNand)PROC
lies out of the 4K steppingstone ram.
what I did is:
- comment out the (Uart_SendString) statement from nand.c file 
- make optimize level O3.

your comments and suggestions are welcome.

for completion sake:
I thing the trick was in the linking order
in the project hierarchy (manage project items menu)
I arrange like that
1. init.s 
2. nand.c 
and etc..