External power for NanoPi NEO Air?

Matthew Bennetts

Can the NanoPi NEO Air be powered from an external 5V PSU via the GPIO
connectors? For example, supply power via pin 4 (VDD_5)  &  pin 6 (GND)
instead of via the USB port. Looking at the schematic seems to imply that
it should be possible but I just want some confirmation.


I power the NanoPi (original) externally.  However, I have a 1A fast blow
fuse, a power supply that will not put out more than 5.0V and an external
5V6 power Zener to ground.

The NanoPi also has an on-board 5V6 Zener on the VDD_5V line. And a fuse in
series with the microUSB power.

However, the schematic for the NEO AIR (page 8 and around the Q1 area) does
not show the "on-board 5V6 Zener" or anywhere else on the VDD_5V line.

I don't see how the NEO AIR provides any protection for over-voltage. 
Perhaps, they rely on microUSB voltages never being more then spec. 

The RaspberryPi Model B+ is similar to the NanoPi so you will find comments
about external powering on their site.

should have said ... the RaspberryPi Model B+ microUSB to VDD_5V circuitry
is very similar ...

Matthew Bennetts
Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. 

BTW: I'm looking to power the NEO AIR using a LiPo and an Adafruit
PowerBoost 1000C via the GPIO port so I still have the USB OTG port
available to control a USB device, which is its self powered separately. 

Thanks again,

Mike ULO
I would try something similar but whithout a PowerBoost.
As the card seems to work with 3.3V, someone knows which could be the
lowest usable voltage on 5V pin ? 
To use directly with Lipo or 3xNiMh cells if possible



Matthew Bennetts
Ah, ok, will give that a go. Thanks Mike.



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