P43 touchscreen driver for Linux on mini6410

Adeel Pasha
Dear All,

I am replacing the old 10" LCD displays of my mini6410 boards with new 4.3"
LCD displays. I ordered them from FriendlyArm and I was expecting the H43
displays, however, I received the new P43. 

I built my own kernel using the mini6410 source files using linux-2.6.38
kernel source and the u-boot bootloader. While kernel compilation, I used
the same configuration file that is used for h43 and prepared the zImage. 

I also used the rootfs_qtopia_qt4-s-20xxxxx.tgz source available in the DVD
to copy the ts support files to my rootfs. 

My configuration is as follows:

export TSLIB_TSDEVICE="/dev/touchscreen-1wire"
export QWS_MOUSE_PROTO="tslib: /dev/touchscreen-1wire"

The display is fine as I am able to run the application developed in
qtcreator. However, the touchscreen is not responding while running
ts_calibrate function or while running the qt application.

Anyone can help me with the problem or send me the driver for the new P43
screen with touch-screen support. If I can get the linux-2.6.38 zImage_p43
that would be great as well.

Hello, our 6410 has been supported on the P43, and now you can download the
kernel link back to use, which contains the P43