TS driver for P43 screen

Adeel Pasha
Dear All,

I am replacing the old 10" LCD displays of my mini6410 boards with new 4.3"
LCD displays. I ordered them from FriendlyArm and I was expecting the H43
displays, however, I received the new P43. 

I built my own kernel using the mini6410 source files using linux-2.6.38
kernel source and the u-boot bootloader. While kernel compilation, I used
the same configuration file that is used for h43 and prepared the zImage. 

I also used the rootfs_qtopia_qt4-s-20xxxxx.tgz source available in the DVD
to copy the ts support files to my rootfs. 

My configuration is as follows:

export TSLIB_TSDEVICE="/dev/touchscreen-1wire"
export QWS_MOUSE_PROTO="tslib: /dev/touchscreen"

The display is fine as I am able to run the application developed in
qtcreator. However, the touchscreen is not responding while running
ts_calibrate function or while running the qt application.

Anyone can help me with the problem or send me the driver for the new P43
screen with touch-screen support. If I can get the linux-2.6.38 zImage_p43
that would be great as well.

Adeel Pasha
Just to clarify,

I also used the following parameters, but to no avail:

export TSLIB_TSDEVICE="/dev/touchscreen-1wire"
export QWS_MOUSE_PROTO="tslib: /dev/touchscreen-1wire"