mini2440, ptxdist, Qt cross-compil

just for information
I have used Ptxdist to build tools chain and linux 3.16 and roofs including
 QT 4.8.6 library (see OSELAS.BSP-Pengutronix-Mini2440-Quickstart.pdf )
in order to cross-compile qt applications from my host pc using QtCreator I
have used the Qt and tslib  library aleady built by ptxdist.
In QtCreator / tools /  option:
 - compiler: use the Olesas compiler, 
                 make of our host PS (ex: usr/bin/make)
                 ABI: arm / linux / generic / elf
- Qt version
                use qmake found in [OSELAS BSP

- define your device (mini2440 board / IP LOGIN, ...)

- define your kit using all that.

during the first compil you have to add some manualy each missing lib   to
your *.pro (libts, libpng, libz, libfreetype, ..) for that, edit (under
Qtcreator) your *.pro, rigth mouse click "add lib", external lib, enter
path and name of the lib (find the lib in the
[platform-mini2440/sysroot-target/usr/lib or other  directory]. 
Repeat this operation for each missing lib.

that's all (I hope :-)  )