NanoPi2 Fire power supply ?

Is there any way to power the NanoPi2 by another way than micro-usb plug ?
I have kbd/mouse on usb-A and power supply on micro-usb, I would like to
free micro-usb to use with USB Ethernet Gadget ...
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I have a similar problem.  Mine started with a strong-arm assistant ripping
the micro USB connector from the PC board trying to disconnect.  Now I need
an alternative place to inject the 5VDC.  I have a nanoPi M1 so my initial
thought is to use the power and ground pins on the debug UART connector. 
Is this a bad idea?  If it is, what would you recommend?
Thx for the help.

Looking at the schematic and on page 11 it seems to me that 5V could be
introduced via USB connector and on Pins 2 and 4 on the GPIO connector.  

The way I do it on the NanoPi is via the Vdd pins on the GPIO.  I have a 1
Amp fast blow fuse in series with the external supply as the NanoPi has a
5v6 zener clamp on these pins.

The safest way to do this would be to have a suitable fuse in series with
your external 5V supply then a 5v6 say 5W zener to ground before connecting
the positive to pins 2 and/or 4.

Doing this via the debug UART connector looks to be the same deal.

Be careful not to exceed 5V or get the polarity incorrect.

Good luck

Thanks davef.  My supply will be from a DC regulator so I hadn't intended
to use any other form of limiting.  The zener diode is good advice though.