NanoPi Neo Ethernet

I am trying to embed the NanoPi Neo inside a device with very limited
space. The NanoPi and the device will communicate via the Ethernet port.
That being said, there is not enough space inside the case for the Nano pi
with its Ethernet port still attached. Since the device has an Ethernet
port as well I was thinking of sharing that port between the two devices
like this:

Basically since we only need 4 wires for 100Base-T I was thinking of wiring
4 wires from the NanoPi(1,2,3,6) to the port on the device. That way if I
want them connected I can use a custom made "bridge" RJ45 connector and if
I want to interface them individually I can use a custom splitter to split
the connection between the two. 

Does anyone know if this will work? If I remove the Ethernet port can I
wire from the NanoPi pcb directly to another pcb? Does the NanoPi require
the magnetic coupling inside the Ethernet port in order to function?

When trying to test the continuity of the Ethernet pins