Is python, kde related mandatory or optional in Qtopia rootfs

Ayyappan Mk

I am using mini2440 board. I want to reduce the rootfs image size of
Qtopia. Is python and kde related files are optional or mandatory? On
carefully removing all files related to kde and python and making rootfs
image and porting will the board boot up without errors or crash?

Please reply!

Ayyappan Mk

In the Qtopia root file system content in the directory /usr/lib i see
python 2.7 directory,libpython2.7.a static library and pkgconfig all having
python libraries and it's related stuff. I guess those will be used to
interpret files in /usr/include/python2.7. 
Is there are any other dependencies exists with the python related files
residing in /usr/lib ?

I have extracted kernel headers from the mini2440 kernel source using the
following command:
make headers_install ARCH=arm INSTALL_HDR_PATH=path_to_store_header_files

Are these files I extracted if replaced with python related files in
/usr/lib and /usr/include will it work fine?

My questions are easy to reply by the people who developed Qtopia rootfs 
content of mini2440 or who has expert knowledge in Qtopia root filesystem
content of mini2440.

So please reply!

Ayyappan Mk

In the qtopia rootfs folder downloaded from download section of mini2440 in
the path rootfs_qtopia_qt4\usr\bin I see python and python2.7 binaries. Is
python2.7 binary itself enough or is there any dependencies with other
python binary? I see both are same of size.

This is the easiest question for the rootfs content developers I have asked
in this thread. 

Can I expect answer atleast for this latest question?