dual display(extend monitor) on mini 6410

I have tried to connect to Mini 6410 board an external monitor(through LCD
connector and LCD to VGA converter) to have dual display(or extend
monitor). But it didn't work: On Monitor, i have a white screen and it
doesn't show anything. 
Is this board support dual display? Is it possible to connect another
monitor to this board and make dual display? If yes, can you explain how?

Thanks in advance people.

Is the LCD to VGA converter the FriendlyArm product?

I would be looking at how the bootloader is setup.  Maybe, it needs to be
changed for the different displays.  Try searching <white screen> on the

To see how the bootloader is set up, while using minicom and the your RS232
cable you can stop the bootloader and then do a <printenv>.

I know that changing to different LCDs seems to require timing changes in
the kernel and a recompile.

Good luck

Hi davef and thank you very much for your answer.
I have been reading the user manual of the board and it is written that the
big monitors are not supported by LCD driver(max. 8 inch is supported) and
the max. 1024X768 resolution is supported. So i think i need to use a
small, lcd screen which is NOT what i want since i want  much more bigger
monitors. However, i think, i will try tv-out for dual display. Once i did,
i will share the results.

Thank you again.


Hello again,

You can make dual display only with one type of devices. I mean in
options.h, if you open only touchscreen driver, then only touchscreens will
work connecting the lcd interfaces, not other devices(like lcd2vga
interface). Shorty, I tried to connect one touchscreen to one lcd interface
and one monitor to another, this doesn't work. You can only connect them
just one type of devices depending on which device you chose by
uncommenting it in options.h file before making image. 
I will try AV-OUT and i will share the results again.