x710 resolution issue

I can only get 800x480 resolution. I'm running Kali Linux on a Nanopi 2
Fire with the x710 LCD, where can I download the drivers for the LCD?

    The X710's resolution is 1024*600, you can use the lastest image on
nanopi 2 .
     LCD timing configuration file is arch/arm/plat-s5p4418/nanopi2/lcds.c

I understand it will work with the image provided by FriendlyARM but Kali
Linux also has an ARM image for the NanoPi 2, and I would like to use that
instead. I seen the Youtube video
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4M5s1uzJL4E that shows Kali Linux can run
on the NanoPi 2 with the LCD screen. The demo in the video doesn't have the
resolution problem though.
Are there drivers that can be downloaded for the x710?