Porting RaspberryPi ws2812 driver into NanoPi-M3

hj park
Hi FriendlyArm,

I bought Neopixel from Adafruit and bought NanoPi-M3 from FriendlyArm.
I have no RaspberryPi and need to port Adafruit's WS2812 driver into

You can get the source codes from here..
git clone https://github.com/jgarff/rpi_ws281x.git

and, you can find how to use this code on RaspberryPi =>


I installed rpi_ws281x.git on NanoPi-M3(Debian) and changed the PIO number
in "examples/strandtest.py" (I connected Pin33(GPIOC13/PWM1 with Neopixel
Din and put the PIO number as 77) and run but faced "DMA error: b6e6f558". 

I think it is due to the different DMA address & offset and need to know
about NanoPi-M3 SoC. but, I don't have any data of it..

so, I need your help for this project..

please see the source codes, and let me know what I have to fix for Nano-pi
it is very important for me, and need your help asap..

alan wang
If those soluction can work it sk6812 mini led ?