Boot sequence, Bootloader and Steppingstone confusion

Hello All,

Looking for some help clarifying things concerning the booting sequence,
role/operation regarding the 'Steppingstone' copying NAND flash to the 4K,
etc. I know the post is long but I want to give the background to the
results I'm seeing so hopefully you will see why I'm confused.

Reading the S3C2440 User Manual, for NAND startup the device copies the
first 4K from an external NAND flash and then begins executing the code.
This 4K needs to be error free, since the ECC is not in effect, and it is
implied the 4K needs to configure the RAM and copy the rest of the
program/OS to external RAM and then the device should restart starting up
on the program/OS in the external RAM. Is this the correct sequence?

Why I'm asking/confused...
Using Minitools I flashed the NAND with Superboot2400 and my own program
(no OS, just and embedded program) and it wasn't working (no blinking
LEDs). So using HJTAG and JTAG port I pulled the NAND contents and using
IDA PRO I found the following at 0x00000000

0000 0000     DCD    0x140000EA
0000 0004     DCD    0x14F09FE5
0000 0008     DCD    0x14F09FE5
0000 000C     DCD    0x14F09FE5
0000 0010     DCD    0x14F09FE5
0000 0014     DCD    0x14F09FE5
0000 0018     DCD    0x14F09FE5
0000 001C     DCD    0x14F09FE5
0000 0020     ANDVS  PC, R2, R3,LSR R8
0000 0020     ANDVS  PC, R2, R3,LSR R8
0000 0020     ANDVS  PC, R2, R3,LSR R8
0000 0020     ANDVS  PC, R2, R3,LSR R8
0000 0020     ANDVS  PC, R2, R3,LSR R8
0000 0020     ANDVS  PC, R2, R3,LSR R8
0000 0020     ANDVS  PC, R2, R3,LSR R8
0000 003C     SVC    0xBEADDE

and the listing goes on but I can NOT find my program anywhere in the
listing. According to the manual, the first 8 memory locations are the
exception vectors so when the device is reset the address at location
0x00000000 will be jumped to for execution to begin. However, the address
at 0x00000000 in the listing above is in the ROM area of the device (per
the memory map for NAND startup) so how is that supposed to work? Shouldn't
it be pointing to 0x30000000 (Start of RAM area per the map?)

Next question/confusion is about the Steppingstone copy/execute part-
Superboot is more than 4K in size so does the device copy just 4K of
Superboot into the steppingstone RAM, jump to 0x00000000(?) and then start
executing? If so are the exception vectors not setup/used during the

Thanks in advance for any help/guidance and I'll be checking back
frequently so if what I'm asking isn't making sense, please respond with
your clarifying questions and I'll reply to those as well.