GK 7000 Embedded PC Boot Screen Hanged

Rahman Abber Tahir
Dear All,

I have GK 7000 7inch Embedded PC, it is hanged on the boot screen after I
tried to edit registry to start my custom application on startup. Kindly
inform me how to restore it to factory setting. Does it have rest buttom ,
how to use it?

Try this

How-to Guide:

The process of performing a Hard Reset vary between different manufacturers
and different devices.

The following steps are generally universal steps you should take when Hard

1.  If possible Record all your current device settings.
2.  If possible Perform a Backup of your device so you have a record of all
            your data should you forget to transfer a file.
3.   If possible synchronise your device with your Host system so that you
don't lose any PIM data
4.   Ready all the programs that you need to reinstall onto the Handheld
5.   Remove all attached hardware devices (e.g. PCMCIA cards, CF cards and
Sync leads)
6.   Remove your device from the Cradle and power it off
7.   Disconnect your Handheld PC from the AC adapter first*
8    Remove the Coin Cell Backup Coin Cell second*
9.   Finally remove the Main Battery's*
10.  Leave the device in this state for 20 minutes**

    * - Note 1 - You should perform this action in this order to preserve
the system and battery integrity
    ** - Note 2 - You should allow 20 minutes to ensure that there is no
Memory Fragmentation and that the reset process is complete

Powering your device back up:

1.   Insert the Backup Coin Cell and allow 30 seconds - 1 minute for the
RAM to charge
2.   Insert the Main Battery's
3.   Power On your device
4.   Attach the AC adapter
5.   Go through the OOBE wizard to configure the basic device settings
6.   Install your software programs and hardware
7.   Lastly synchronise your device back with the Host

Inside GK7000 on motherboard is small Coin Cell. You need turn motherboard
to the other side.