nanopi M3 wown't boot

Catalin Ist

I think this board still have a lot to do to be a raspberry pi competitor.
I ordered this board thinking it will be as easy to get started as it's
with raspbeery pi, but it seems that it has problems right from the start.

I read this forum and all there is to read on the internet about it, and it
seems that many people have same problem booting up and keeping this board
running 24h a day.

So my problem is that it will not start. I used 2 sd cards, trying to
install debian on them.I used sd-fuse script from git, and even with dd
sudo dd bs=4M status=progress if=s5p6818-debian-sd4g-20160629.img

None of the sd card boots up. One of them shows me only horizontal colored
bars, the other only shows me "Friendly Arm" logo - but most of the time
the logo don't even load right (it's either pixelated or just some random
pixels rectangle)

I think this board is defective ..

What are the specs and brand for the SD cards you are using?

How much current can your 5V power-pack deliver?

Catalin Ist
I've used sdcards from Kingstone, Kingmax & A-DATA

I've used 2 different usb charges, both deliver 2A (one of them from

Some of the other units are tested with certain types of SD cards.  Is the
A-DATA class 10?

Have you a PSU-ONECOM or some other means of watching the bootup messages?

Which LCD are you using?  One of the recommended units?

hello Catalin lst,
   I suggest you use SanDisk SD card which is Class 10 or Above, minimum
8GB SDHC,maybe Kingston is not compatible .

Hi, there...

I'm trying to start NANOPI3:

1. I'm following the page
2. I mounted sd image downloaded and inserted sd card in NANOPI3
3. When I turn on, the RED LED is ON and BLUE LED keep blinking (two blinks
for 1 second pause). Nothing else happen.
I'm using a Sandisk Ultra 32Gb and usb 2.1A font.

Someone could help me ?

Probably a good idea to get a PSU-ONECOM, run a terminal program on your
host and watch the bootup messages.

Arda Karaduman
Hello, I just got my nanopi M3 and its not booting as well.
I'm using a Toshiba HC 32 Gb card.
The description on this page is talking about a boot button.

"Insert this card into your NanoPi M3's boot slot, press and hold the boot
key and power on (with a 5V/2A power source). If the green LED is on and
the blue LED is blinking this indicates your NanoPi M3 has successfully

what is this 'boot key' ? I found power and reset buttons on the device,
but not a boot key.

Arda Karaduman
system booted fine after changing to SanDisk.